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Fairtransport believes that investing in clean shipping helps to secure a sustainable future for the next generations. We have over 12 years' experience in shipping precious goods worldwide. We work with highly respected producers and merchants around the world: people with courage and an eco-friendly vision.

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Why ship with us?

The sustainable choice
Clean shipping with Fairtransport reduces the carbon footprint of your cargo.
Safe and secure transport
Our passionate team of professionals offers a highlevel of service and ensures the safe delivery of your cargo at the harbour of destination.
Climate-friendly products
Anchor your dedication to the environment and help to create awareness of clean cargo shipping.
Unique marketing value
Your product will be the talk of every harbour town if it is transported by one of our ships.

Join the Fairtransport revolution!

Fairtransport is the world’s only engineless cargo sailing fleet. We offer a revolutionary and sustainable alternative shipping method for transporting your cargo overseas. Fairtransport offers another benefit that no other shipping company provides; a chance to load your cargo by hand alongside the crew. You can also work the sails and take the helm as you transport your unique product into the destination harbor.

We are proud of our sustainable partners:

Our passionate & professional team

Since 2007 we have established reliable connections with worldwide customs, harbors, and other trusted local partners. Our professional logistics team works every day to find the safest routes together with the captain of the ship. During the loading, transportation, and delivery of fair-trade goods, the captain of the ship manages the quality and safe delivery of your cargo.

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We look forward to being in touch with you and discussing our "Mission Under Sail". Please contact Fairtransport for more information about clean shipping opportunities. We look forward to providing a custom quotation.

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