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Sailing a traditional cargo ship is a unique experience
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Sail along! Our engine-less ships provide an ideal situation to train young and experienced seafarers. Due to the rigors and challenges incurred by sailing cargo, sailors learn a wide range of skills and disciplines stat can only be acquired by traditional sail training. Alongside this hands on learning of marlinspike seamanship, those who are interested will be taught the history of sail, the physics of sail theory as well as navigation. Completing a full round trip of at least half a year with Tres Hombres is just as rewarding adventurous as a European voyage of a couple of days on board of world’s oldest sailing cargo ship Nordlys!

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Sign on for an adventure of a lifetime!

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At sea one learns to co-operate, be self-reliant and develop a deep respect for the natural elements.

Once you step onboard as a trainee, you are part of the crew! Our experienced sailing professionals will teach you the basic skills, like safety precautions, taking the helm, lookout, sail handling, and ship maintenance.
You also take part in the watches both at night as during the day and help the crew maneuvering the ship. Even helping out during the loading and unloading belongs to the sailing cargo adventure.
Yes, it will be tough at times, but also you will get the experience of a lifetime!!!

Be aspired to become an Able Seaman; learning marlinespike seamanship, basic navigation and manoeuvreing under sail. Eventually, you are experienced enough to become boatswain, which entails leadership, rigging, sail sewing, ship carpentry and square rigging.

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