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Sailing on our Sailing Cargo Ships is a special experience and a unique way to discover the world, where you will learn the art of square rigged sailing and the skills of the traditional seafaring craft.

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On board our sailing ships, both newcomers and experienced sailors will find the ideal environment to learn new things about sailing. Getting to know yourself better, developing special skills and abilities, expanding your own horizons, facing hardships, taking on challenges to surpass yourself and growing together in teamwork is all part of a great sailing experience.


A multi-day or multi-week voyage in European waters aboard our cargo sailing ships is just as enriching as being part of the complete circumnavigation of the Atlantic Ocean with a duration of at least 6 months!

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A bounty without mutiny
30 August 2023
Tres Hombres

A bounty, without mutiny (Cook Giulia Baccosi)

Have you ever asked yourself where do sailors go when they retire from the sea? What do they do? Let...
27 August 2023
Tres Hombres

Comic: deckhand Alina

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Knockdown Summer 2023 (Bosun Hanjo van Weerden)
9 August 2023
Tres Hombres

Knockdown Summer 2023 (Bosun Hanjo van Weerden)

It is a bright day at the mouth of Helford River near Falmouth. Around half past seven the...
30 juli 2023
Tres Hombres

Comic: first mate Arthur

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At sea you learn to work together

Sailing increases your self-reliance and you develop a deep respect for the elements of nature.

As a trainee on board with us, you will be part of our crew!

Experienced sailors will teach you important basics, such as safety principles, taking the helm and steering, standing lookout, operating the sails and performing maintenance work on the ship.

As a trainee and therefore crew member, you will participate in both day and night watches, be involved in maneuvering the ship and assist with loading and unloading. A very special experience awaits you! 

Your personal sailing adventure will challenge you and reward you with unforgettable, unique moments.

Sailing schedules 2023/2024

Become a proficient sailor with us! Learn the fine craftsmanship of the seafaring tradition, the basics of navigation and maneuvering under sail. Learn about the tradition of cargo sailing and the Sail Cargo movement locally. Immerse yourself in life on board and at sea, growing beyond yourself and alongside like-minded people and pure, unadulterated nature. Gain experience and skills so that you can become proficient in woodworking, rigging and square rigging and learn sail handling and, with increasing experience, become a skipper & cargo sailor.

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