SV Brigantes

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SV Brigantes: one ship, three lives

The work to restore the beautiful, in 1911 built ship to her former glory continues unabated in Trapani, that beautiful port city that has been the ship's home port for half a century.

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Brigantes history

The SV-BRIGANTES was built in Brake near Bremen in 1911. After countless adventures, she was reborn in the 21st century to follow its destiny in the new millennium: to transport goods such as coffee, rum and cocoa beans, with only the power of the wind between to America and Europe.

Brigantes specifications

  • Built: 1911
  • Sailwork: Topsail schooner
  • Length complete: 32 m
  • Deck length: 28 m
  • Draught: 3 m
  • Cargo capacity: 120 tons / 150 m3
  • Maximum number of sails: 19
  • Professional crew: 7
  • Trainees: 8

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