Nordlys (1873)

The world's oldest sailing cargo ship

Modern philosophy, sustainable transport

Nordlys is named after the natural phenomenon, the Northern Lights. The ship from 1873 has no engine and she ships cargo only with the force of the wind. Very climate-friendly! Nordlys transports up to 25 tons of organic and artisanal products such as wine, whiskey and olive oil between European countries. Nordlys, just like the Northern Lights, leaves you with memories that will stay with you forever.

Current position of Nordlys

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Satellite position of Nordlys

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Nordly's history

She started her rich life in 1873, this wooden cutter is the oldest still sailing freight ship. She brought the freshly caught fish from the fishing boats to the ports as quickly as possible. It was built on the Isle of Wight, south of England. Nordlys was completely restored in 2014 and added to the fleet in 2015. She completed five voyages across European seas in complete safety.

Nordlys specifications

  • Built: 1873
  • Rigging: Ketch
  • Ship length: 25 meters
  • Deck length: 20 meters
  • Draft: 3 meters
  • Freight capacity: 25 tons/ 28 m3
  • Maximum number of sails: 8
  • Professional crew: 5
  • Trainees: 4

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