De Gallant

Blue Schooner Company

The Blue Schooner Company project is led by Guillaume Roche and Jeff Lebleu. They are now putting their conviction and experience at the service of responsible and environmentally friendly transportation by developing the Blue Schooner Company.

The Gallant history:

Since November 2017, the Blue Schooner Company has owned the schooner Gallant, built in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands, in the yard of the Figee brothers and launched in 1916 under the name Jannetje Margaretha.
This ship, originally a herring fishing boat (herring lugger), had several careers.

Sold to a Danish shipowner in 1926, a propulsion engine was installed and the ship began a career as a coaster under the name Gertrud.

In 1987, the foundation "Zeilschip De Gallant" bought the ship and completely restored it as part of a training project for young people in Amsterdam.

From 1993, the Gallant sailed the North Sea, Baltic and English Channel, took passengers and also served as a sailing school.

Today, the Gallant offers a sailing transport service while offering people who want to travel with it the opportunity to sail aboard.

De Gallant specifications

  • Built: 1916 in NL
  • Sailing: Schooner
  • Length complete: 35 meters
  • Length of deck: 27 meters
  • Draught: 2.80 meters
  • Cargo capacity: 35 tons / m3
  • Maximum number of sails: 7
  • Professional crew: 3-6
  • Trainees: max. 12

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