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Our ships are shareholder owned, following the model tried and tested in the golden age of sailing. During the construction and restoration phase, shares in the ships were sold in order to be able to finance them. Based on this model, we were able to carry out the work successfully, thus re-establishing sailing cargo ships and decisively promoting freight transport under sail.

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Since our early days, with the wind in our sails and our cargo on board, we have reached many new and familiar places, we have returned and left for new ones, we discovered the unknown and maintained the known, we collaborated and repaired, we preserved traditions and embraced innovation. And that wasn't the end of it!
Thus we built strong and reliable maritime trade relationships across seas and oceans. The market for climate-conscious, biodynamic, fair trade and sustainably produced products is growing steadily and, above all, growing consumer demand means that more sailing cargo ships will have to be put into service in the future.

Setting our sails

The full rights of the shareholder are described in the deed, available by post on request. Through the operation of the Tres Hombres, strong sea trade relations have already been established in the expanding organic / bio-dynamic product market. This niche market is growing and will ensure that future ships in the Fairtransport Line can be used for direct sailing cargo. We have ambitious goals for the coming years - adding another ship to our roster is just the beginning. Each vessel operates as a module of Fairtransport Shipping Ltd. Invest and supports the skills needed to build, operate and maintain stronger trading relationships.

The future of emission-free shipping

The Tres Hombres have paved the way for sustainable transport ... but this is only the beginning. Our goal is to expand our cargo fleet with many more vessels operating under sail. This will reduce delays in our supply chain all along the shipping line.
Fairtransport operates a twin-track policy: the traditional and the innovative. While we currently use tried and tested traditional vessels that have traveled the world's trade routes for centuries, we are also developing innovative, high technology that has never been seen before on the oceans.

Become a ship owner!

Our ships are owned by the shareholders, called part owners, and follow the model tried and tested in the golden age of sailing. During the construction and restoration phase, these part holders were sold into the ships to finance them. Based on this model, we were able to successfully carry out the work, bringing sailing cargo ships back to life and vigorously promoting cargo transport under sail.

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