Transport your freight fairly!

the most sustainable alternative transport method

Fairtransport Shipping Company believes that making clean choices in shipping and investing in them is of great importance in ensuring a sustainable and fair future for our future generations.
Our successful fleet has years of experience in transporting valuable, durable goods all over the world under sail. We work with high-quality and recognized producers and traders, with people with a climate-friendly vision.

Be part of this transformation with your cargo!


Transport your freight with Fair-transport Clean Shipping and significantly reduce the CO2 footprint of your freight.


Our dedicated team of professionals provides a high level of service and reliably ensures that your cargo arrives safely at the designated port.


Anchor your commitment to climate protection and environmental awareness and commit to clean transport with us!


Your product will be the center of attention and receive the attention it deserves when it arrives in port on one of our eye-catching ships and the story of the special journey is told.


Be part of the transportation revolution!


Help shape our future!

At Fairtransport you will find the only cargo sailing fleet in the world. We offer the most sustainable and environmentally friendly transport method that, powered by the pure power of the wind and the dedication of our dedicated crew, can also transport your goods by sea. 

With us you get the special opportunity to bring the cargo on board together with our crew, sail along, and even stand at the helm when your product is on its way to the port of destination.

We are proud of our sustainable partners

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An enthusiastic &
Professional Team!

Since 2007, we have continuously built reliable and lasting relationships with global customs authorities, port authorities and reliable regional partners.

Our professional logistics team works with the captains every day to determine the safest routes. During the entire transport, from loading to bringing the durable goods to the quay, the captain and crew ensure the quality of the transport and the safety of your cargo.

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We would like to hear from you! We are happy to provide you with more information about clean and sustainable transport options for your cargo by sea. We are at your side with advice and assistance if you want to transport your cargo using the power of the wind!