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Since 2007, Fairtransport's mission is to raise awareness for climate friendly transportation and to minimize our communal carbon footprint. With our engine-less sailing fleet, Tres Hombres and Nordlys, we trade organic and traditionally crafted goods and ship sustainable cargo overseas with only the power of wind.

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Move cargo with Fairtransport

Our successful fleet has over 12 years experience in shipping precious goods worldwide. We work with respected producers and merchants, people with courage and eco-friendly vision.

  • Low carbon footprint
  • Unique marketing value
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We are proud of our sustainable partners:

Become a trainee in 2020/2021!

Sail along! Our engine-less ships provide an ideal situation to train young and experienced seafarers. Due to the rigors and challenges incurred by sailing cargo, sailors learn a wide range of skills and disciplines that can only be acquired by traditional sail training. Alongside this hands on learning of marlinspike seamanship, those who are interested will be taught the history of sail, the physics of sail theory as well as navigation. Completing a full round trip of at least half a year with Tres Hombres is just as rewarding adventurous as a European voyage of a couple of days on board of world’s oldest sailing cargo ship Nordlys!

Want to sail along?
Taking our planet into account is not a temporary hype for Fairtransport but a way of life!
With the help of our wonderful ships Tres Hombres & Nordlys our crews ensure clean transport by sea
and the spreading of awareness that we all have to take better care of nature.
Sabine Fox & Joop Harrems, Board Fairtransport

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Support the Foundation

Our foundation is always working hard to maintain and restore our traditional sailing ships and keep them in working order. Become part of the community and contribute to this sustainable success. Supporting the foundation is very much appreciated!

Current project: Nordlys

At the moment the Nordlys, is in great need of a refit! Restorational repairs for the main and lower decks. The refit is planned in the winter of 2020.

Required budget: € 50.000.-

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