27 december 2023
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Tres Hombres

Three days until Christmas (Nils Aldinger)

We left Spain and Portugal behind us and are now heading towards La Palma. The wind blows straight from behind and the waves are rolling, rolling, rolling. More than a month ago we left Den Helder and set our sails. For me the first time sailing in my life. An amazing new adventure with all it’s highs and lows. In the first 24h the seasickness caught me and I struggled with every single task. But I got over it and all the beautiful moments let me forget my struggle. Awesome sunrises and sunsets, dolphins, fluorescing plankton, a moonfish, uncountable stars at the sky. For me one of the most magic experiences is to stand on top of the royal and feel that freedom.

It’s fantastic to live in harmony with the nature. When there is no wind, we wait, and if it picks up, we set our sails. We waited two weeks in Douarnenez and two more nights in Muros for fair wind. But it’s okay. We take the time we need, we flee from the rush of the civilisation.
We, that’s a group of 15 fearless sailors. Everybody with their own story. We grew together as one crew. We learn to take care about every single fellow, respect them and accept how they are. Sailing is no one-man-show. We need to work hand-in-hand and so we do. Together we enjoy good food and drinks. We laugh and sing. We live that adventure and we sail, sail, sail. We enjoy the wonders of this world.

And that’s what I wish you all for Christmas.
Take a deep breath, relax, enjoy the beauty of this world.

Merry Christmas!

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