11 december 2022
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Tres Hombres

Full moon December Tres Hombres (By Rymke Boonstra)

Here comes a message from the ocean, the Atlantic Ocean.

It seems like we are here forever. Time is passing by…

We started with sunshine and good east wind in Den Helder, with 8 men, and 7 women heading towards the Channel.
After some time we passed strong winds, and everything was flying around. Peanut butter was all over the place, streaming towards the foxhole.

We were tacking around in front of the coast of Dieppe. Challenged in many ways. Two sails were broken, the topsail and the lower Bob, wind force 8 till 9. We wanted to shelter from the storm in Dieppe. The port of Dieppe accepted our request. A big tug boat brought us in.
This way we had time to organize everything and prepare for the continuation of our voyage for a couple of days. For example, drying our socks.

Waiting for the good winds to go south. After a week ship and people recovered ad we went back to the sea.
Changing watches, learning to get deeper into the sea life. Heading towards La Palma crossing the bay of Biscay. The sea and the bay were gentle with us. Temperatures went up, drifting around we had time to adapt and a whale came by…

Learning about winds, and sails, getting the feeling that the ship becomes home for all of us in our new habitat. Rocking and rolling. Finding a way. Then the strong winds came again and with them the rain…
Exhaustion, smashing around, lashing, balancing, vomiting, laughing, singing, crying, dying, resurrection. Sailing all the way.
Life is simple here. Out of your bunk. On deck, scrubbing, dousing, pulling the sails. Baking bread, steering under the full moonlight. Supporting each other, supporting ourselves.

The sea is changing so fast, there is no way back, we have to deal with all circumstances.

The sea is a beast and so is the ship …

Full of grace, full of nothing. The endless. The endless horizon, calling us home, new home. Moment to moment. Rising and falling like the tides. Passing Spain, longing for the sun. Everything disappearing. At this moment the wind is coming up, 4.5 knots.

Position 41N10, 015W18.

The wind blows in the direction of our ship. We are the wind, we are the sea, we are the ship.


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