~ Tres Hombres Rum &  Tres Hombres Chocolate ~

Limited editions of the most sustainable, delicious and fair products you’ve ever tasted!

Exclusive fair transported Products

Every now and again something crosses our path too good to just transport; Fairtransport purchases these cargos from our ships. These signature goods become symbols: Tres Hombres Caribbean Rum, Tres Hombres Chocolate. All editions are limited in quantity by the cargo hold on the ship. We will soon expand with limited edition Nordlys signature products.  Our goods sport the ‘A Class’ logo; as shining examples of sustainable goods, they’ve earned it. With every bottle, bag or barrel showing the ‘A Class’ label the Green Shipping Revolution grows. ! Contact us today about our products, or about becoming a producer for our next Fairtransport line.

Tres Hombres RUM

A cargohold full of Tres Hombres Rummm…

The taste of Tres Hombres rum, which differs every year, is as exquisite and exciting as its production and shipping process. The distillation of the rum is followed by years of maturing in American oak barrels, using the Solera process and a unique addition, the touch of a Cuban master blender. The traditional distillation methods, performed by various distilleries, produce rum suitable for exciting salsa parties as well as quiet moments by a fire with a Cuban cigar. Many editions have manually placed labels, or manually sealed tops, which give them their Caribbean appearance and feel, and beautifully express the romantic lifestyle associated with Tres Hombres.

Tres Hombres Rum is a collector’s item and recognizable as such; each year a certain amount of limited edition bottles are produced and shipped.

Tres Hombres rum is rum with a story, making history.

More info check www.treshombres-rum.com or fill in our contact form.

La Palma Organico

The first time I met José and Santi was when we entered the inner harbor of Santa Cruz de La Palma in the middle of the night, where they silently waited for us at the pier. Jose welcomed us with some bottles of their best rum and this moment became a celebration of a newly established partnership, soon with everyone dancing on the cargo hatch.

La Palma 18y Solera

This year’s edition of old Tres Hombres Rum from La Palma was blended by Santiago (‘el alchemista’), a professional rum blender from Spain whom I know since he blended our first premium rum in 2012.

Dominican Republic 21y Solera

This rum from the Dominican Republic was specially chosen from the large selection of old rums that Oliver&Oliver permanently have aging in their ‘Solera’. It was created by a master blender, who has the art of Cuban rum making in his blood.

Where to buy

check rum-site

Tres Hombres Chocolate Bars

Delicious Tres Hombres chocolate…

Chocolate; a delicacy centuries old, borne from the Caribbean basin. The raw ingredients of our chocolate are loaded onboard by hand in burlap sacks in the  harbour of Boca Chica, Dominican Republic.

Dominican Cacao beans have been grown organically by local farmers; they are pretty much common place on the island… however, the trip these beans take is anything but common place.

The beans are crafted into bars in Amsterdam by ‘The Chocolate Makers’. We offer (40% cacao) milk chocolate with sea salt as well as (75% cacao) pure with pieces of the cacao bean inside. Contact us to buy Chocolate

From A to B emission Free!

A class Products are a shining symbol of a commitment to sustainability and reducing Carbon Emissions.

These products are shipped expressly by sail- without engine, allowing them to be guaranteed 90% Co2 free!

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