Tres Hombres Rum, Chocolate and Coffee

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Every now and again something crosses our path too good to just transport; Fairtransport purchases these cargos from our ships. These signature goods become symbols: Tres Hombres Caribbean Rum, Tres Hombres Chocolate and Tres Hombres Coffee. All editions are limited in quantity by the cargo hold on the ship. We will soon expand with limited edition Nordlys signature products.  Our goods sport the ‘A Class’ logo; as shining examples of sustainable goods, they’ve earned it. With every bottle, bag or barrel showing the ‘A Class’ label the Green Shipping Revolution grows!

Tres Hombres Rum

A cargo hold full of Tres Hombres Rum...

The taste of Tres Hombres rum, which differs every year, is as exquisite and exciting as its production and shipping process.

The distillation of the rum is followed by years of maturing in oak barrels and the unique experience of ‘aging at sea’ aboard Tres Hombres Ship.

The traditional distillation methods, performed by various distilleries in the Canary Islands and the Caribbean, produces rum suitable for exciting salsa parties as well as quiet moments by a fire with a Cuban cigar. Many editions have manually placed labels, or manually sealed tops, which give them their Caribbean appearance and feel, and beautifully express the romantic lifestyle associated with Tres Hombres Ship and the Fairtransport community.

Tres Hombres Rum is a collector’s item and recognizable as such; each year a certain amount of limited edition bottles are produced and shipped.

Tres Hombres rum is ‘Aged at Sea’ and shipped emission free from A to B!
Tres Hombres Rum Edition 11
Tres Hombres Rum – Edition 11

La Palma Joven 

The first of the new Tres Hombres Rums of 2016 is also the youngest. Organic sugar cane grows on the windy hills of the Northeast side of La Palma, la isla bonita of the Canaries. Harvested in May 2015, fermented and distilled shortly after, this fresh, spicy rum rested for a few months at the Aldea distillery, before joining the ship in November. This fine white liquor travels the Atlantic Ocean for five months in French oak barrels.

Tres Hombres Rum are proud to receive the entire harvest of organic sugar cane grown on the island. They gave their Joven a Red billed cough on the label, a bird that likes a clean environment and can fly between the Islands of the archipelago.

Tres Hombres Rum Edition 12
Tres Hombres Rum – Edition 12

La Palma Oro XVIII

Gold is the colour of this characteristic, but amazingly smooth, old rum. Gold is the name, La Palma Oro XVIII. Mastermind Santi made a blend of the best Aldea rums from 13 up to 21 years and sent them over the ocean with Tres Hombres in Spanish oak barrels. The result is a delightful 18-year European Solera Rum that does not need to fear any Caribbean competitor.

Accompanied by a beautiful Red La Palma flower on the bottle, this rum is the most mature so far of the Tres Hombres La Palma line.

Tres Hombres Rum Edition 13
Tres Hombres Rum – Edition 13

Old Bayan VIII

This Old Bayan rum is made from Caribbean molasses on Barbados by the Foursquare distillery, where the Seale family’s experience in making rum dates back to the 1820’s. No sugar, no caramel, zero additives is his approach to an honest, strong, but fine Caribbean rum.

The day before filling the barrels with this 8 year old rum, they still contained biodynamic wine from the Loire Valley, giving the aftertaste of this old Bayan an amazingly spicy and unique character…

Tres Hombres Rum Edition 14
Tres Hombres Rum – Edition 14

Marie Galante Agricole Vieux VIII

Since 1769 la famille Bielle is making the finest Agricole rhum of the Caribbean on the lush green island of Marie Galante. Once covered with sugar cane and over 300 windmills for sugar production, the island kept its tradition of rum making in the Destilerie Bielle, which today still works with ox cars and traditional ways of distilling their rum. No big companies ever entered the island with their fertilisers and genetic manipulation, so the ingredients for this rum are pure and 100% local.

6 Bourbon barrels of this 8 year old, single cask Agricole rum with a complexity hard to find, made their way to Europe, for us to enjoy this first Tres Hombres Rum from the French Antilles.

Tres Hombres Rum Edition 15
Tres Hombres Rum – Edition 15

Dominican Premium XVIII

A welcoming, bright nose, a dark and warm color, a smooth entrance with sweetness and spices, cacao and nuts slowly unfolding, and a climax of citrus and fruit… what more to say about an 18 year old from Oliver & Oliver… this is what we love the Caribbean for!

So many scents and tastes are compressed in the bourbon barrels received from Pedro Ramon Oliver, but still the Tres Hombres rums from the Dominican Republic are a unique experience every year.

Tres Hombres Rum Ed.23


 La Palma Fuerte X Años


This special blend from the Aldea distillery opens new tasting sensations to the connoisseur of the La Palma rums.

Made directly from local sugar cane on the Canary Islands, it entered the oldest bourbon barrels of the distillery for a voyage of seven months around the Atlantic ocean.

At the nose it is strong but pleasant, with a floral-like sweetness that carries the undertone. The taste is characteristic for cane sugar rums with fruit like banana and vanilla.

The long aftertaste gives a warm, full feeling, a real party in the mouth!


Producer:                Destilerias Aldea

Country:                 Spain, La Palma 

Region:                   Canary Islands, Atlantic Ocean 

Raw material:         Sugar cane from La Palma 

Distillation:              Long fermentation, copper column still on wood fire 

Age:                       10 years, blend of 8 – 12 year old rums 

Aging:                     Spanish Oak, 7 months in old Bourbon barrels 

Aroma:                    Soft and pleasant, with a sweet, floral-like undertone 

Tasting note:           Tropical fruit, long and warm aftertaste 

Alcohol:                  43% vol. 

2750 bottles of 70cl from 10 barrels

Tres Hombres Coffee

Medium Roast Coffee designed for filter, cafetiere & drip coffee

These single origin beans are hand harvested at 1000-1400m above sea level and shipped to Europe aboard Tres Hombres. Roasted to perfection by master roasters Mocca D’or, enhancing the aroma of citrus fruits with flavour notes of apricot, pineapple, coconut, cocoa and caramel.

Tres Hombres Chocolate

Award winning chocolate made from sail shipped beans

Chocolate; a delicacy centuries old, borne from the Caribbean basin. The raw ingredients of our chocolate are loaded onboard by hand in burlap sacks in the harbour of Boca Chica, Dominican Republic.

Dominican Cacao beans have been grown organically by local farmers; they are pretty much common place on the island… however, the trip these beans take is anything but commonplace.

The beans are handcrafted into bars in Amsterdam by ‘The Chocolate Makers’. We offer (40% cacao) milk chocolate with sea salt as well as (75% cacao) pure with pieces of the cacao bean inside.

With every bottle, bag or barrel showing this sticker the Green Shipping Revolution grows. ‘A Class’ Products are a shining symbol of a commitment to sustainability and reducing Carbon Emissions.These products are shipped expressly by sail—without engine, allowing them to be completely ‘Emission Free – Guaranteed 90% CO2 Reduction!

From A to B emission Free!

A class Products are a shining symbol of a commitment to sustainability and reducing Carbon Emissions.

These products are shipped expressly by sail- without engine, allowing them to be guaranteed 90% Co2 free!

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