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Fairtransport: the market leader in sustainable cargo shipment. Learn more about investing in our innovative and traditional sailing cargo ships and invest in the future!

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Every now and again something crosses our path too good to just transport;  limited quantities of Tres Hombres Rum, Chocolate & Coffee are now for sale!

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Here you’ll find the latest posts from our ships, press releases, Fairtransport news & events

Tres Hombres blog: Bord sur bord

Aujourd’hui nous hissons les voiles au port de Santa Marta, sur la côte Nord de la Colombie. La baie étant bien protégée nous n’avons qu’à hisser quelques voiles et à laisser filer pointes et gardes pour que notre brigantine s’écarte lentement...
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Un blog de capitán Andreas Lackner

Y par el remate me gusta el ron Oye que alegría de volver a mi tierra querida después de 15 anos! No se si cambió mucho, nunca he estado en Santa Marta, pero puedo decir que la gente es muy agradable y amistoso.  Después de las islas bajas del Caribe del Este, donde...
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Tres Hombres blog: We are sailing full and by

DATE: 15-02-17 GMT : 14-15 POS: 15-23.6 N, 074-16.8 W COG: 025 SOG: 6.5 Cruising along in the Caribbean sea. We are sailing full and by with all sails up and she is running up and down the waves smoothly. The wind goes stronger and lower as the fair-weather cumulus...
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Tres Hombres blog: Ohne Bilder nicht zu glauben!

Wir haben 11 Fass Rum auf recht kuriosem Weg übernommen. Ohne Bilder nicht zu glauben. Die Fässer wurden am Tag der Lieferung morgens, auf einem Holzkarren, der von 2 riesigen Bullen gezogen wurde, am Strand angeliefert. Keine Ochsen, habe extra gefragt. Ochsen,(sind...
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Tres Hombres blog: I can love where I live.

One of the few shirts I brought with me on this trip is from my friends back home. “Love where you live,” it says, with an asterisk on the outline map of Michigan, right where my town is. It’s a good invocation, calling us to put down roots, branch...
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For nearly 10 years we have shipped cargo across the Atlantic by the power of the wind only!

In 2007, three friends began a shipping company. While sailing on the Dutch barque Europa, Arjen, Andreas & Jorne saw the beauty and power of great sailing ships that use only the wind as a means of propulsion. They decided to create the world’s first modern “emission free” shipping company, based in the Netherlands. Originally named the “Stichting Atlantis Zeilende Handelsvaart”, the company has grown into what is now known simply as “Fairtransport” >> READ MORE

Fairtransport acts as agent and broker for the following ships

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With every bottle, bag or barrel showing this sticker the emission free Shipping Revolution grows. ‘A Class’ Products are a shining symbol of a commitment to sustainability and reducing Carbon and other toxic emissions. These products are shipped by sail, without engine, allowing them to be completely ‘Emission Free – Guaranteed 90% reduction in pollution!

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