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Fairtransport: the market leader in sustainable cargo shipment. Learn more about investing in our innovative and traditional sailing cargo ships and invest in the future!

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With our successful traditional fleet in service we can move your cargo emission free from A to B, with future plans to employ the fastest Clippership and the innovative ecoliners.

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Every now and again something crosses our path too good to just transport;  limited quantities of Tres Hombres Rum, Chocolate & Coffee are now for sale!

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Here you’ll find the latest posts from our ships, press releases, Fairtransport news & events

Tres Hombres blog: Short after sunrise we hit a sperm whale

We are still making good progress, all sails up trying to keep our 200 miles a day so that we don’t get cought by the area of less winds that is coming behind us. The air pressure is rising again as we leave the influence of the low behind us and step into the...
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Tres Hombres blog: Op naar de laatste stop, Azoren.

We zijn al vier maanden op zee, de hele wereld rond en nu weer op weg naar huis. In het begin zeeziekte, na anderhalve dag was het gelukkig over en sindsdien hebben we met volle teugen kunnen genieten. De zee, de groep, vele dingen te leren, verre oorden zien en de...
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Tres Hombres blog: Our majesty herself is clipping along easily with often 10 knots

Our days become shorter, grey and colder. Strange, as we go out of the winter you would think, but coming from the eternal Caribbean warmth, the fast flying clouds and the fresh spray of the wave crests give our voyage a new face. The stories of the Papalagi reach...
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Tres Hombres blog: A few thousand miles to go.

DATE:13-03-2017   GMT:0044  POS:23 27 N,66 28 W   COG:15.1   SOG:3.3 Back north again, Finally, after 2 weeks of waiting for the cargo and having a good time in the Dominican Republic, we’re out at sea again. Finally sailing again. Setting the sails and heading...
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Tres Hombres blog: The greatest expectations for the new cargo from the west

On the road again… Pun ki šipak, how the people in Skradin would say, is the fine ship Tres Hombres again, underway homebound on a rough Caribbean sea. Fully loaded with organic cacao for the Chocolatemakers in Amsterdam, Colombian coffee for Simon Levelt, molasses...
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For nearly 10 years we have shipped cargo across the Atlantic by the power of the wind only!

In 2007, three friends began a shipping company. While sailing on the Dutch barque Europa, Arjen, Andreas & Jorne saw the beauty and power of great sailing ships that use only the wind as a means of propulsion. They decided to create the world’s first modern “emission free” shipping company, based in the Netherlands. Originally named the “Stichting Atlantis Zeilende Handelsvaart”, the company has grown into what is now known simply as “Fairtransport” >> READ MORE

Fairtransport acts as agent and broker for the following ships

The Fairtransport Fleet


With every bottle, bag or barrel showing this sticker the emission free Shipping Revolution grows. ‘A Class’ Products are a shining symbol of a commitment to sustainability and reducing Carbon and other toxic emissions. These products are shipped by sail, without engine, allowing them to be completely ‘Emission Free – Guaranteed 90% reduction in pollution!

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