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Fairtransport: the market leader in sustainable cargo shipment. Learn more about investing in our innovative and traditional sailing cargo ships.

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With a successful traditional fleet in service and plans to employ the fastest Clipper- ship and the innovative, cutting edge ecoliners.

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Sailing a traditional cargo ship is a unique way to discover the world & learn the art of square rig seamanship. Sign on now!


Every now and again something crosses our path too good to just transport;  limited quantities  Tres Hombres -Rum, -Chocolate & -Coffee are now for sale!

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Here you’ll find the latest posts from our ships, press releases, Fairtransport news & events

Are you an amazing wordpress webmaster?

Fairtransport is looking for an volunteer experienced webmaster. Our website is getting more and more traffic, which is great! Because of that we need to make some improvements. Can someone help us out? You can work from anywhere in the world. Must have significant...
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Tres Hombres blog: Soon enough we were under full sail again

DATE:221016 GMT:1804 POS:50 04.6 N, 0 08.3 W COG:338 SOG:4.2 Back at sea and in the English channel, Thank you for having us Le Havre. We all said Le Havre fairwell on Friday afternoon leaving lovedonce and new made friends behind. Last Tuesday we took out the cargo...
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CYCLISTS: Join the Chocolate Caravan – AMSTERDAM – 29th October!

Gezocht fietsers voor de Chocoladekaravaan om deze emissie vrij te bezorgen door Nederland en Belgie. De Tres Hombres vaarde over de Atlantische oceaan met ruim 7000 Grenada repen aan boord. In de laatste week van oktober zal zij aan komen in Amsterdam en zal de...
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Nordlys blog: Living on the rhythm of Nature

Date : Tuesday the 18 of October 2016 Position : 55*35.5’N 3*46.9’E Speed & course :3 kts to south Wind speed & direction : west 5 to 10 kts Sea state : calm with a long swell from south Sky state : Cirrostratus Air temp: 14*C Sea Temp: 14*C...
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NOTIFICATION: Shareholders meeting 29th October – AMSTERDAM

Notification for Shareholders of Nordlys and Tres Hombres Ship The shareholders meeting for both ships will take place on the 29th October 2016 at ”BLOKWERK”, Mt Ondinaweg 34, 1033 RG Amsterdam. Emails have been despatched to all shareholders on file. Please send an...
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For six years we have shipped cargo across the Atlantic by windpower only.
Here at Fairtransport, we are proud of this achievement.

In 2007, three friends began a shipping company. While sailing on the Dutch barque Europa, Arjen, Andreas & Jorne saw the beauty and power of great sailing ships that use only the wind as a means of propulsion. They decided to create the world’s first modern “Emission Free” shipping company, based in the Netherlands. Originally named the “Stichting Atlantis Zeilende Handelsvaart”, the company has grown into what is now known simply as “Fairtransport”.

After the restoration of the brigantine Tres Hombres, the ship was added to the fleet of Fairtransoprt in Transatlantic Emission Free Freight Service to the Caribbean, from Europe. As the world’s only Engineless Sailing Cargo Ship, she has become quite famous in her own right. The company has since expanded, with plans to put the world’s first 130m Ecoliner and a 3 masted clipper ship on the sea.

It is the prime intention of Fairtransport to sail cargo emission free, with a focus on transporting special products which are organic, or crafted traditionally – such as Olive Oil, Wine and Rum. Additionally, to raise awareness about the huge amounts of pollution created by the modern shipping industry and affect positive change in the way goods are shipped around the world.

Currently a 140 year old wooden ketch Nordlys is being restored, to be employed in service in the North Sea & greater Europe. Norldys will be added to the Fleet of Fairtransport to promote emission free shipping in European waters. >> READ MORE


With every bottle, bag or barrel showing this sticker the Green Shipping Revolution grows. ‘A Class’ Products are a shining symbol of a commitment to sustainability and reducing Carbon Emissions.
These products are shipped expressly by sail—without engine, allowing them to be completely ‘Emission Free – Guaranteed 90% CO2 Reduction!

Sailing towards a sustainable future

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