Tres Hombres Chocolate ‘Chocozeiltjes’ 70% pure + cocoa nibs + sea salt

Bio: Yes
Gluten: Free
Weight: 100 grams
Flavor: 70% pure & cocoa nibs & sea salt
Producer: Chocolate Makers, Amsterdam
Ship: Tres Hombres
Transport: 2019, 4 months
Voyage: From Boca Chica, Dominican Republic to Amsterdam
Distance: 4.142 NM
SKU: FAXX050501


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Attention! These organic chocolate sails are super delicious! :O)

Thin pieces of dark chocolate with a pinch of sea salt, sprinkled with crispy cocoa nibs. For this 70% dark chocolate we use Trinitario cocoa beans, which are purchased directly from the Conacado farmers’ cooperative in the Dominican Republic. The dark chocolate with the crispy nibs, together with the sea salt, creates a delicious taste explosion.

The cocoa beans are transported by the Tres Hombres from the Caribbean across the Atlantic to the pier in Amsterdam in around four months using only the power of the wind. The Chocolatemakers use them to produce “single origin” organic chocolate with manual skill, using only solar energy!

When you eat this chocolate, you choose sustainable transportation! Can chocolate taste any better?


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