Winds are unpredictable! by Captain Arjen van der Veen

DATE: 21-11-14 GMT: 08-30 POS: 39-33.8 N, 009-51.2 W COG: 186 SOG: 5.2



WIND SPD: 13 knts

CLOUDS: 2/8,sunny

SEA STATE: slight

SEA TEMP: 17.7 C

AIR PRES: 1012 hPa

As the weather charts said for this morning very little wind. We have force 3 from the East and heading South. Still 90 miles go till Setubal a harbor just South of Lisbon. We trying our best and trim our sails. It is hard to say if we will arrive Saturday morning but at least we can make a good try making it. Till so far it is going pretty good. Today the sun came up and for the first time since days we really see the sun. The wind backed to the East a bit. The sky is clear and it promises a beautiful day to do some maintenance and repairs, have a lunch on deck and dry our cloths. I had fried eggs this morning for breakfast with onions and some homemade bread. Yes we bake our own bread each and every night. Mmmmmhhhh and some herbal tea from a lady garden in Douarnenez! The day can begin!

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