8 februari 2024
- Logboek
Tres Hombres

Martinique 2024 (Captain Anne-Flore)

The departure maneuver was tight in the bay of Sainte Anne, Martinique. We anchored nicely after Le Marin marina behind all the sailing yachts. During our stay for a week, 3 other yachties arrived and anchored quite close. The catamaran in front of us had to hive up the anchor when we left. The sound of our anchor winch might have woken them up and our anchor was clearly underneath their boat. They moved away.

For the last 15m of the chain we sat Topsail and Top Gallant, braced square backing to steer backward as soon as possible. The ketch, 20 m on our portside without the owners on board, was getting close. I am holding my breath while the crew keep sweating on the windlass. No pause on pumping, we have to drag and get the anchor back home. Here we go sailing backward, setting the outer jib back to fall off, brace around, set the bobs and the rest of the black butterfly wings.

All the chain we had in the water is lying on deck because the shackles need to be marked, the pain is gone. There is a wire mark lost in the middle of those 80 m but it was not accurate so we will know now how much we will throw into the water next time. Depending on the type of ground, mud, sand, coral plate, pebbles, and space, we adapt the length.

The departures and arrivals are always moments to gather all hands. The emotions those maneuvers are creating on us caused by the concentration, the rapidity of acting, the orders given and repeated on deck, dozens of lines spread all around the wooden deck, makes this life richly intense.

On the beach, when the rum barrels arrived from the distillery, I received many questions and remarks from a public who admired our work. It is shared with my boat’s family. It is always good to have feedback to fill up our resources and cheer up our avidity when the tough period catches our nerves.

Thanks very much to La Favorite distillery, Frank and Cedric’s team who welcomed the crew for a tour while they were filling up our barrels, and the detour to the hardware shop, as well as the nice barbecue on board prepared by our awesome talented cook.

Thanks very much to the Yacht Club, Marie’s team who organized a generous aperitif at the marina’s pontoon for the arrival from the Atlantic crossing, also to have found a happy welder on the last day to fix the precious part of the bilge pipe valve.

Thanks to Cedric Legumes who delivered a few boxes.

I probably forgot many things like the crew changes, the times off the ship taken by the 2 watches around the island, the swims every day, the couples of turtles, the garden of the veggies provider who’s got greenhouses without covers, the hitchhike experiences, the nights in hammocks, the friendly cool evenings on board…

Now we are tacking to Barbados, enjoying full and by, good vibes, royal all the way…


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