Tres Hombres blog: A few thousand miles to go.

DATE:13-03-2017   GMT:0044  POS:23 27 N,66 28 W   COG:15.1   SOG:3.3

Back north again,

Finally, after 2 weeks of waiting for the cargo and having a good time in the Dominican Republic, we’re out at sea again. Finally sailing again. Setting the sails and heading out for the open ocean, and that’s what we’re eventually all here for.
Also going back north, going back home, back to the cold. Leaving the warm Caribbean temperature and temperament behind us, it had to happen someday anyhow. Everyday a few degrees more north, while hopefully not losing too much on the thermometer. 
Luckely we don’t go straight home yet. The Azores is where we’re currently heading, the land of milk and honey if I may believe the stories. And even more lucky is, that we still have a few thousand miles to go before we get there. A few thousand miles we can still enjoy life at sea, something that’s hard to explain but you have to experience it.
I might go back to the Caribbean sometime, but that voyage won’t be by plane, but by ship under sail, like the one we’re on now, it must and will be. Because it starts to feel like it’s the only right way to go anywhere anyway.

Kind regards,

Trainee Robbert-Jan

PS to all fellow sailors out there, fair winds and following seas


WIND DIR & SPD: East 2-3



AIR PRES: 1021

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