The beginning of a new Atlantic round – by Captain François Mangin Deville

DATE: 9-10-15 GMT:1919  POS: 52º08′ N,3º25′ W COG:230º  SOG:6.6kts


WIND DIR:North east

WIND SPD:2 bft

CURRENT DIR:south west

CLOUDS: cloudless




AIR PRES:1022 hPa

The beginning of a new Atlantic round by Captain FRA

The good ship Tres Hombres is back at sea after 6 weeks of refit at Den Helder shipyard.
A new gallant yard is now up in the fore mast.
A new gaff is set on the main mast.
12 hull planks were changed and not less than 10 on deck.
2 davids for the dinghy launching which can be execute with just 3 braves sailors now.
New drain and …(it’s not a joke) STONE anti-slippery floor in the galley.
A new Flag, Vanuatu, is on the mast, Fairtransport is not only a big bench of salty sailors.
Some of us working hard on a desk to deal with silly international laws.
Lot of “cosmetics” was done also, the flaming mermaid is beautiful now.
We was up to 40 peoples at Turtuga’s crew house at some point.
All working hard 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Thank you so much for this energy and good spirit.
Nothing is impossible when we work together.
My eyes get wet when I think about you guys.

We are now bounding for Douarnenez in France.
The cargo filled up with chocolate and rum.
Sailing down wind on a Brigantine is amazing.

François Mangin Deville



picture © JdR / Fairtransport


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