Meet the crew: Dirk 62, Trainee aboard Tres Hombres

Name: Dirk
Age: 62
Nationality: Belgium

How did you hear of Fairtransport?
I’ve seen Tres Hombres the first time when they visited “Oostende voor Anker”. On board I met the crew , who told me travelling with Tres Hombres would be something for me to do. I totally forgot untill my wife gave me a trip on Tres Hombres as a birthday and retirement present.

Why did you want to join Tres Hombres?
See previous answer. And I’ve Always been interersted in wooden sailing ships. Probably it was a forgotten dream of me. Which comes true now.

What do you expect from this voyage?
A nice sailing trip with hopefully nice people and maybe a story to tell my grandchildren! Shit, am I that old?

You can also sign on for a few days…. or Half a Year, for a never to forget experience. For more information: Sail Along

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