Halloween Night on Tres Hombres!

Friday the 31st of October, Brixham Harbour. As soon as the cargo of organic Avocet Ale arrives, we start loading it in the cargo hold. We have to be quick, water is flowing out of the harbour as we come closer to low tide time. A human chain transfers all the 5400 bottles in a 2 hours time, and a smaller team makes sure the cargo is sea tight. Just before Tres Hombres and the tugboat get stuck in the harbour, we are toed out and ready to set all sails. A south-easterly wind pushes us to the coast of Normandy.
The night falls and the moon is showing up. As captain Arjen steers the ship, a spooky night begins. Emily, crewmember on Tres Hombres tells us a Halloween tale for the pleasure of port watch. Everyone is invited to add to the scenario.. This is how, all of a sudden, that all of the pumpkins aboard Tres Hombres come alive, a giant whirlpool opens next to the ship and drowns all the bottles of Rhum, beer and chocolate, and the ghost of Mickael Jackson appears at the bow of the ship.
But the worst case scenario does not belong to the story but to reality. By 1am, all the ships suddenly disappear from the AIS monitor and leave us alone in the dark sea! Malfunction or Halloween joke? The ships reappear on the chart eventually, relieving the frightened crew.
Morning comes, sweeping all horror stories with a bright sun. Now the crew has to make the most of this beautiful Saturday morning, as we pass next to Alderney Island, and prepare for the gale – force 7 – that is coming tonight…




WIND SPD: 15 knts


CLOUDS: 2/8, sunny

SEA STATE: 1 to 1,5 m Westerly swell

SEA TEMP: 16.5 C


AIR PRES: 1017 hPa

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