A page from my ships journal: Jedna, Crew.

DATE:4-8  GMT: 17 27 POS: 56 07 N,6 35 E COG: 166  SOG: 6,3










“The lust for comfort, murders the passions of our soul”

A page from my ships journal: Jedna, Crew.

After leaving Copenhagen harbour under sail and smoothly we anchored further north to await the arrival of favorable winds.
Once we had anchored I was sent aloft with another crew member to furl the course. The wind was blowing strong and wet in the middle of the night. Course furled and then up to the t´gallant to help there. Getting to the t´gallant is the hardest section for me to climb, there are three shrouds but only one is set with the ratlines which don´t easily fit even my size 4 feet snuggly, this climb is also slanted, so you aren´t able to climb straight, especially when the ship is listing as the swell dips and bulges, it was my first time aloft at night, I prefer it, it heightens your senses. Up on the t´gallant I watched from above as they lowered the topsail yard, as it sunk below my feet I felt a higher perspective up there. I suppose the captain got tired of waiting for us to furl as we heard the command “Brace Around!” and I felt her reply as the yards began to tremble and me with it as I found something to hold fast to, then, she took me with her, embrassed as she braced square.

Last night between the sounds of bread bakers, bunk shuffers, snore grumblers and damp covers I managed a weak 40 mins sleep. I was awoken at 4am with the order from the captain to flake the anchor chain. The anchor came handsomely before I had the chance to open the floor hatch to where the anchor lays, “hold!”…but in the sleep stirred chaos no one could here me, f****** hold!!” and then they heard. So I squatted in the hole cursing under my breath while I did as I was told, then staggering on deck I was ordered to pull here, ease there and square. There is a good trick to make me pull like hell on lines with no sleep or the chance for a strong cup of coffee and cigarette. Once we were anchor up and back under sail our watch stood down and were able to sleep for a little longer, another pitiful 40 mins for me. Back on deck in the blink of an eye navigating through a busy shipping channel north of Copenhagen, we spent the whole of our watch tacking, trimming, squaring, and waiting to tack again. I really enjoyed this kind of sailing, its me and the new trainees for learning the lines and the process of the tacking maneuver without too much stress. Although we all had a memorable time in Copenhagen, its good to get back on the Northsea, lets go sailing!

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