Tres Hombres,
the flagship of engine-less sailing cargo

Shining example of alternative shipping

Tres Hombres is named after the three friends who started a clean shipping movement in 2007. The engine-less brigantine transports sustainable and organic cargo between South, Central and North America and Europe. Tres Hombres has become a shining example of the existing possibilities for alternative shipping methods and she is the ambassador for sail-powered cargo shipping worldwide. She carries a maximum of 40 tons of organic and traditionally crafted goods like Tres Hombres Rum, Cocoa, Coffee, Honey & Canned Fish.

Current position of Tres Hombres

AIS Marine Traffic – note signal is lost 30nm offshore

Satellite position of Tres Hombres

Tres Hombres history

The brigantine Tres Hombres was built in 1943 and was discovered by three friends in 2007 in Delft, Netherlands. In two years it was fully restored in order to sail in transatlantic engine-less freight service.

Tres Hombres has been actively sailing for Fairtransport since 2009. The last refit of the entire ship has been in 2019. Tres Hombres will complete her 14th Atlantic round voyage in 2022.

Tres Hombres specifications

Built : 1943
Rig : Brigantine
Length overall : 32 meters
Length on deck : 28 meters
Draught : 3 meters
Cargo capacity : 40 t / 55 m3
Maximum number of sails : 19
Professional crew : 7
Trainees : 8
Transatlantic ocean crossings: 12

Tres Hombres sailing schedules 2022/2023

Our Tres Hombres Captains

Captain Andreas,
Arjen & Jorne
Captain Wiebe
Captain Anne-Flore
Captain Andreas
2020 - 2021
Always eat the leftovers first
First click and than climb
Keep both feet on deck
And don't go over board

Wiebe Radstate, Captain Tres Hombres 2019 / 2020

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