Tres Hombres blog: We spend hours measuring the evolution of the sun

DATE: 03-01-17 GMT: 02-15 POS: 17-46.4 N, 033-49.7 W COG: 240 SOG: 4.5

It is another quiet night onboard Tres Hombres, sailing south west towards steadier winds that will push us all the way to Barbados.
The stars now shine daily over our heads and the moon starts growing again after a good week of very dark nights. The new stunsail booms are getting shaped by hand by the crew. It is a great opportunity for most of us to learn some more about working with wood. The stunsails themselves are also getting repaired by patient hands, stitch after stitch.
This morning we were able to set both the foremast and the foretopmast stunsails and as soon as the new boom is ready we will rig the foretopgallant one. It will soon be fifteen proud sails that she will carry to make the best out of the light tradewinds.
At the same time we learn all together how to determine our position using the sextant and the nautical almanacs. We spend hours measuring the evolution of the sun in the sky and discussing latitudes and hour-angles.
We are already one third of the way across the ocean and there is so much more we want to learn.. We will for sure need many more weeks at sea.

Greetings from the horizon,

First mate Remi Lavergne


WIND DIR & SPD: NE by North, 10 knots

CURRENT DIR: Westerly, North Equatorial Current

CLOUDS: Mostly clear sky, many many stars.

SEA STATE: Slight NE swell

SEA TEMP: Nice and Warm


AIR PRES: 1017, steady.

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