IN THE TROPICS WITH A FAVORABLE WIND! 530 MILES TO GO! by Captain Arjen van der Veen

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DATE:15122014 GMT:1920 POS:23 02 N, 21 10 W COG:208 SOG:8.9









AIR PRES:1024.9

We still clipping along with about 8 knot average due to a steady ENE trade wind. These were the winds that took explorers and merchantmen all over the world. And yes we still doing it and it doesn´t cost a thing. We are blessed that we can use these Gods given winds to explore again. Bound to tropical islands to fill our cargo hold with organic rum, cocoa and coffee. We transport these local goods for you to taste back in Europe without carbon footprint.

For thousand years men sailed the blue waters to bring us these once rare luxury goods. Saffron from the middle east, Nutmeg from Grenada, peppers from India. We used these spices to preserve and spice up our food. Now most of these spices are brought to you by freighters that use a huge amount of oil that again emit so much carbon into our air, that again causes global warming. I only talk about spices, but what to think about all these goods we produce thousand miles away that can also be produces back home. Why do we transport them, why it is necessary to pollute this planet. A matter of fact 16 of the world largest ships emit as much pollution than all cars in the world. Do we care, I think we do, these are no popular numbers. And what are the benefits here for us and our planet.

Before the age of oil eating a piece of meat was only affordable by the upper class. Now in the western world we can afford every day a piece of meat on the table. Although it is cheap ground beef, we still have it on the table. Because we want to show our neighbors we can afford to buy meat. Maybe that was first the case back in the days. But why now. Why we have to cut down rain forest to grow soja, and mono culture mais to feed animals and industrial agriculture systems. Yes just to have a piece of meat on the table. And worlds population is growing. Soon we are going to run out of resources and we have to change our habits. Eat more local, people, invest in your community and plant fruit trees and buy our rum, chocolate and coffee. Soon we going to sail tea and spices to you, to spice up your life to be ready for the change.

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