Tres Hombres blog: We should fill our gardens

After a long wait to leave the Dominican Republic we finally left the Caribbean sea through boiling water and beneath lightning crossed skies. Now the ship is riding low in the water, with a near full cargo hold of Cacao, Rum and Coffee.
Being back at sea is a real relief this time. For both of us [Sam and Karl] it has been four months of heading west and it now feels like a good time to turn around. Seeing only water in every direction, once again, is soothing somehow and settling into the pace of the sea is easier every time we leave a port.

For both of us the place that sticks in the mind most from the Caribbean is Grenada, the spice island. Not only did we meet some incredibly friendly people but we’re also confronted with a very Caribbean attitude towards life, which is easy to admire.
The staff, family and friends from the Grenada chocolate company, who’s products we are transporting, threw a barbecue surrounded by the tropical rainforest which the island is covered in. It was impossible to miss the sheer amount of food growing everywhere. Chili Peppers, Mangoes, Bananas, Breadfruit, Turmeric, Ginger, Lemongrass; to name just a few and that was only in a ten metre radius.
At the same time as realising that everything green around us harboured something delicious, we recognised that despite eating these fruits and spices in Europe all the time it was the first time we had seen many of them growing. It further affirmed our opinion that rather than buying food so freely at the supermarket we should fill our gardens and green spaces and surround ourselves with food that grows to such abundance at home. Maybe then we would have more in our communities to share as freely as we observed in Grenada. It was the cooperation we observed and the generosity we received that stuck with us the most from the spice isle.

Now we head North until the butter is solid again and the experiences we have gained in Grenada, Colombia, the Dominican and most importantly on Tres Hombres herself will stay with us for the journey back. It will be nice to once again see family, friends, and all the loved people we miss. But until then there is plenty of beautiful sailing with our beautiful crew family and at least another port. Onward to the Acores.

trainees Sam and Karl

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