Tight schedule


(picture Ilse Kootar – The rigging team at work)


[one_half_last]​The masts are on their place and our rigging team is working hard to put all running and standing rigging on it’s place.
A great job done by some amazing people!

Lucy and Dirk are finishing the last steelwork to strengthen the old frames of Nordlys.

And we just received some nice artist impressions of the Nordlys sail- , deck- , belowdeckplans. To see them have a look at www.svnordlys.com



[one_half]During the last week our woodworkers discovered some less exciting things. After rebuilding about half the boat they discovered another rotten spot. Extra work to be done for our great crew and a refit-schedule which is now a little too tight.

To be sure this old lady will sail the seas safely, we have decided to postpone the start of Nordlys her career as Sailing Cargo Vessel. This means she will set sail again ​the end of May 2015

​ – We will keep you posted about the exact date!


(picture Ilse Kootar – Serious business for the woodworkers)


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