The Baltic

Nordlys report

Date : Saturday the 8 of October 2016
Position : 55*22.8’N 14*01.5’E
Speed & course : 2.5 kts south east
Wind speed & direction : North 4 Beaufort

The Baltic

Heading South East into the Baltic direction Bornholm.
After a great week in Kopenhagen, full of good people, new friends, beautiful garden
and fire places, and some more good wine. Some new lines and improvements  better ware placed to make sail handling better while we were in port, and some peoples steeped off.
New ones joined to keep our crew awesome.
We moozi our way, full and by, enjoying a blanket of stars and dry feet.
Since I can tell the future, and enough has been written about wine, this is it for now.
A big hug to all our friend on sea and on land.
We are almost home,
just few more Skaggaritos…


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