Nordlys: So far the North Sea has been kind to us

Nordlys report, Date : Tuesday the 27 of September 2016

Hoping for the better and preparing for the worst.
So far the North Sea has been kind to us, with good winds and user-friendly sea state.
We’re heading as fast as we can to the Skagerak safety, 30 miles around the corner.
Hoping to outrun the big mean low pressure coming behind us, but still preparing ginger storm cake and safety lines.
My last experience of wind force 8 on the north sea was not of the pleasant kind, but at least I know what
to expect.
As we say, spirit are high, bilges are pumped and we will have some thing to tell in the bar.
Port side watch rigged the gaff top sail into a brand new mizzen stay sail, which is awesome.
My watch went on a ninja action into the abyss of our wine cellar, formally know as the cargo hold for some flour refill and baked another amazing cake honey!
The waves are picking up, hope to give a sunny update tomorrow.

Sierra Hotel India Mike Romeo Alfa, Panda

OK, what to say more than Shimra,
all is good on board
we will pass the strait with strong south wind, better than some west
will be long night but we are prepare for, my first Skagerrak passage, rotfredoma
luckily there will be no moon to see that 🙂
anyway, we pump only 50 an hour, I don’t feel the boat twisting moving or anything else
3 reef in the main , mizzen down fore stay sail and outer jib up
good balance at the helm
the main and outer jib will go down soon, then after the Skagerrak we’ll have only fore stay sail and mizzen stay sail
which work nice full and by with this wind

All the best


Position : 56*53.4’N 7*43.8’E
Speed & course : 9.1 kts to north east
Wind speed & direction : SSW 30 kts
Sea state : 2m
Sky state : overcast cirrocumulus

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