Age: 28
Nationality: FRENCH
Position on board: BOSUN
Former occupation on land (or how do you keep yourself busy when you are not sailing)?
I’ve been a physiotherapist, but now for 4 years, I have been working on tall ships.
Which book, film, song and/or event inspired and sparked in you first the dream of a life at sea?
It was directly a ship, Hermione. I met l’Hermione at a maritime festival and I saw people working and sailing on it, who were absolutely not professional sailors. Just ‘normal’ people. So I applied and that’s how it started for me.
A book I recommend is ‘Carnet du cap horn’ and ‘ Deux années sur la gaillard d’avant ‘ [Two Years Before the Mast].
What to pack for your sea chest, absolutely?
You really need to take a knife, spike, and a lot of tar and linseed oil. And personally, I brought Mout-Mout and Moska (a big sheep and a little monkey).
What to leave ashore, doubtless?
Connections (in a general meaning), so you can focus on the little community around you.
Which is your favourite peace corner onboard aka where do you hide when you need to be alone.
Somewhere in the rigging, it doesn’t matter where just up there.
What do you like the most onboard: a detail of the ship, a routine, a person, an activity…?
Plenty of things! But I especially love the fact that there are no engines: not for the ship, not for the anchor winch nor the bilge. Also, the food, which is mostly vegetarian, and so the cook, who is preparing it.
Three Magic Words to hold fast to onboard?
Bosuns Are Magical (to be read on the first mate’s t-shirt).
If Tres Hombres was a wild creature, which one would she be?
A small and fast whale.
Biggest fear before joining and greatest satisfaction on the way?
Fear: responsibilities of my role.
Satisfaction: what a nice crew we have! Really motivated people, I am so happy about that!
Why Tres Hombres?
…because I got lucky !

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