Goodmorning France, by captain Arjen van der Veen

As we neared the coast of Normandy France this morning, we saw the many light Cherbourgh. We have been sailing on one tack all the way from Brixham UK back to Cherborg, France, in order to make west with the forcasted strong South winds. With this wind we try to get as much west and when the wind veers to the west we go South again. This is called tacking for the people that do not understand what we doing. We just have bad luck having the wind on our nose to Douarnenez.

In Brixham we loaded 5400 bottles of Exeter Ale for Douarnenez on friday morning. The loading we did by hand, having a lot of spectators watching us. Our last night in Brixham we spend at the Brixham Lunchroom owned by a loving woman from Rotterdam. She made us a meal on which we could sail on. Of course we had wine and beer and music from Herman on his accordion and Ben on the banjo to celebrate our last night.

Back at sea, the weather is warm and sunny. But there are some changes in the wind on the rise.

Best regards,

Captain Arjen van der Veen

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