Getting acquainted with the royal – By Emilie.

As we left Norway, we head towards the south. The temperature is getting warmer. However, the wind is ever so present helping us sail quite fast towards our destination while rocking the ship and splashing salt water over the deck.

Tres Hombres always makes the best of the current wind conditions. When the evening arrived it was time to set the royal sail and I was on watch.. Having sailed for a few years on a small Brigantine on the Great Lakes in Canada, I have had my fair share of climbing into the rigging.

However this would be my first time climbing to a sail so high in such rough conditions. So when my mate told me that, if I was scared, I didn´t have to be the one to unfurl the sail, I thought to myself: “Of course I´m a little scared but if I didn´t ever push myself outside of my comfort Zone, I wouldn´t be doing very much on the ship…”

So up we went, the bosun and I. Even with the safety of our harnesses, this climb was quite a thriller. Up the shrouds we were, holding on for dear life. As we went higher, the wind was stronger. So by the time we reached the royal yard the wind was howling even more and we were getting very shaken up. As we worked on the yard, we could feel how vulnerable we were to the power of the wind. Hugging tight onto the yard or the mast as the ship sailed over some pretty big waves.

I did, However take the time to look at the wonderful view that was offered to us from up there and found a certain sense of calm in the middle of this storm. I also felt proud of what we had accomplished. Once the job was done, we went slowly and steadily down to the deck, where our captain had two Tres Hombres chocolate bars waiting for as a congratulations. We also felt the encouragement from our shipmates. This makes it all worth it and keeps our moral running high through this heavy weather.

Emilie Carter

a few videos of Emilie


Post by Émilie Carter.


Post by Émilie Carter.


Post by Émilie Carter.

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