Cargo Party in Copenhagen by Rosa

Nordlys report – Cargo Party in Copenhagen

After some stormy days in the Skagerrak and Kattegat, we perfectly slalommed through the Helsingor, where the captain asked us to flip a coin at a buye. Does that mean good luck or something? “It means that you can flip a coin at a buye.” Well the wetter the weather, the drier the french humor it seems. We went on anchor just outside of Copenhagen. The next morning was finally sunny and we were joined by wine trader Sune and his friends and family for a short sailing towards our tug boat. A sudden heavy rainfall drowned our hopes of staying dry for a day…welcome to the North! From the tug boat, Nordlys carpenter Tristan was already waving at us. As we made our way through the city centre, we approached a fancy newly built bridge. Traffic stopped on both sides, but it did not open. As we came closer and closer, we were ready to drop the stern anchor to save our mast, but the tug boat driver managed to spin us around in the last moment and we made two little circles before the bridge finally opened, sliding open horizontally. We passed one more bridge, under which Sunes wine shop Rosforth & Rosforth is located, and after dancing a fender boogie on the bow, we moored our good lady at the quay. Magically, wine bottles and glasses appeared in an instant. Shortly after, we were invited to walk over to the wine shop, where the chef had prepared us a feast for lunch. “And make sure to take your glasses with you.” “Sir yes sir!”.

In the afternoon, the crew went for a collective shower in Christianias hippi bath house. Warm, dry and happy we went to bed, thinking about the upcoming working day, unloading our cargo and labelling every of the 10.000 bottles with our Faritransport Class A label. We didn’t yet know how many hands would come to our help. It was a sunny saturday when we unloaded, labelled and loaded all cargo in one day. Around 30 people, mostly friends of Sune but also some curious souls who happened to pass by joined us in the action. Fuelled by Tres Hombres chocolate from our ship shop, which was also up and running, the occasionally opened bottle of wine, a barbecue lunch and good vibes, the work went easy. Also, our bosun Tramp had yet again already connected with some local musicians, and great tunes were filling the air in the afternoon. The special feature of the evening was the re-appearance of the Belgium beer barrels loaded in Oostende earlier this season, which had been hiding below all the wine boxes. And so we added freshly tapped beer to the fun. Before the euphory of managing all that cargo in a single day went down and we had a chance to realize how tired we are, Sune let us know that we were invited for a Tapas dinner at his wine bar in town. We were able to sample some more of the bottles we had transported all the way from Douarnenez and can definitely say “Transported by sail, approved by sailors!” We finished the night with a Georgian tradition brought to us by Tramp, toasting round in a cricle until our glasses, which were for a change filled with Tres Hombres Marie Gallant rum, went dry.

My toast was something like this: Thanks to my fellow crew for the hard work, the learning experience and good energy through the last weeks. Thanks to our Copenhagen friends for the warm welcome.

Skol, Rosa

Date : 3-10-2016
Position : N 55° 40.45′ ; E 012° 35.21′
Speed & course : N/A
Wind speed & direction : NE 4-5
Sea state : N/A
Sky state : 2/8

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