Captain Lammert: I think that we as a mankind own nothing. It is the earth who owns us.

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“Independent thought produces original ideas and is the key factor by which we progress as a society”

When people begin to think independently again, (like a child does) they become more creative, which means they start having new ideas. Today you can see, how slowly more and more creativity is arising among the people in many different ways.
Governments and big co-operations or banks do not like new ideas, because new ideas represent change. Nowadays in our society, financial wealth and personal ownership seem to be very important. I think that we as a mankind own nothing. It is the earth who owns us. And it is only the money, which is keeping the system we are living in, together.
Financial success is most of the time achieved by exploiting and profiting from other people. This is happening on a global scale and has big effects on our relationship with nature and our social and spiritual understanding of life.
Because of this commercial system, mankind is getting completely disconnected from the earth and from the spiritual understanding of themselves.
The wealth of western nations has been achieved by the exploitation of other countries, which is only possible because of the economic system as it is now.
Lots of people who live in the so-called “third world” countries are still very spiritually connected. They live as it looks to us in poverty, but in fact, they are the most curing, most giving and most supportive people you will ever find. These people have an extremely high quality of life.
Physically they may live on a lower level, but this is only because the so-called “first world” is exploiting this cultures and enslaving them into a commercial system, designed to bring them in scarcity.
The younger generations in these countries with tribal culture do not see all the negative things from the western society, like the pollution that it brings or the spiritual disconnection. They see the world through the smart-phone or the television, which most of the time they do have. It is unbelievable to see they all have the latest model phone.
We have the obligation to save these cultures and not bring them in the same false believe system we as a western culture live in. We can even learn from them to remember. To help the world, we should first of all consume less and the products that we do consume should be honest and fair products. Spend a bit more on the food that you put in your mouth. The wealth should be shared and not be stolen from each other.
Think more independently, become more creative and help the world to spiritually revive. Let us break down the economic system that we live in, right now. Not by protest, but just by creativity.

Captain Lammert





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