18 januari 2023
- Logboek
Tres Hombres

All is all over the place (by captain Anne-Flore Gannat)

Mid-January, is a winter where it is so warm around noon that we have to take care of and hide from the sun, like in the Spanish culture.

When the wooden deck looks thirsty, we pour a fair amount of water on it.

The black lady knows and recognizes the West longitude of the Atlantic Ocean. Her belly keeps the rum barrels cool and offers a warm shelter for the crew members. She knows where we are and she wants to keep us longer away from civilization by going slower. “Life is good here” I heard on deck.

Saltwater buckets are splashing the blue ocean juice on bodies, spreading the echo of laughs all around the wide place.
Often I see the helm’s person steering this big boat on a dance, following the sweet rolling motion, feet are well grounded on the planks and soft knees move accordingly,
relaxed faces and arms waving through the breeze. The hint of love, and partnership.

A birthday on board is also always a reason to share marvellous cakes, gorgeous poetry, the creation of new rap songs and bit box this time, homemade presents and homemade birthday cards to leave our dear trainee Daniel speechless. Second round around the Atlantic for him on his favourite ship, still discovering new ways and new skills.

200 miles for the islands and a few birds play with our sails since yesterday. The local Gannets throw themselves into the sea, shaped like a torpedo, fast as a rocket while a bunch of flying fishes are escaping, scattered in the air. The game of cats and dogs. One has been seen with wings sticking out of the beak. Witness it to tell you the truth.

Sargassos seaweed is all over the place and doesn’t let us much time to hook a fish in between being fouled. From that, the legend can appear…
Sounds may be boring from far but here we enjoy so much spending minutes, hours, and days, doing things with our hands, sanding, scraping, oiling, tarring, stitching, splicing, observing, smelling, or touching, that is how you will never get bored. It’s about combining all, that’s it. Balance for complementarity and not opposites.

Both chains are reconnected to the anchors now and a briefing for the arrival manoeuvre is explained, curiosity comes to draw a new picture in the heads towards the unknown.
Even if the cargo sleeps we are and feel on a mission to Martinique, without detour…

Important note: we are now running out of bananas. Tomorrow we’ll have the last ones. After 18 days of eating at least 3 bananas per person per day, you can stop looking for recipes. There was no waste. Thanks a lot to Aldea distillery from La Palma for the yellow joy a nourishing and entertaining gift.


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