We almost smell land and land will smell us!

DATE:06102016 GMT:1924 POS:46 59.6 N, 22 45.9 W COG:063 SOG:6

We almost smell land and land will smell us.

Today we made some good speed going west. We maintained 10 knots average for about 12 hours. We started to tar the rigging to preserve what is there. And yes some of us get tarred on. For sure we will smell when we are in safe harbor. The smell is distinct and belongs to a working ship. And that is what we are. And this is what we are doing. Hauling cargo under sail for a living, a statement, for some a lifestyle, for some an adventure. Proud to be part of a crew of sailors that make this all possible for me right now. For my love ones at home I will be back soon. I miss you both very much.

Captain Arjen van der Veen

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