March 22, 2024
- Log
Tres Hombres

Closing the door on the Caribbean (Captain Anne-Flore)

As expected, we have been hit by a front. We are closing the door on the Caribbean and opening the white horses.

Royal furled at the end of the afternoon. Main sail brailed up before the night. And before the night, some thunder has been heard. Just in time to start setting the extra deck safety lines, harnesses on, and a big shift of wind blew our minds. Bobs down, bracing square, and here we are running away. The barrel at the portside corner of the galley roof is quickly filled up with rainwater. Lightning keeps chasing and shooting at us for a couple of hours. The sound is extremely loud, seems to come from deep in a cave where rumbling waves end their course. The Earth lets us know that her heart is beating, so ours too, at the edge of exploding chests from true joy. Witness again, loyal always. From the sea to the bonfire, or the bar where we will meet fellow sailors to revive and invigorate memories.

We are settled portside tack beam reach since the night for a few more days as the wind is coming from North-Northeast. Two reefs in the main. The wind isn't so strong but the sea is quite agitated so when we pitch, the strength in the rigging, the hull, and the rudder are less. Few of us could enjoy showers and a little laundry with the rain water of the night.

The general mood is high. Having Bermuda behind and having less than 1800 miles to go are both good steps in the journey on the ocean.For now ETA could be between the 4th and the 7th of April.

Happy Spring, happy aries!!


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