Tres Hombres blog: Southwesterlies in the North Sea

Picture by Remi: Cap Gris Nez

As it is to be expected at this season, we are currently facing some quite strong South/West winds while we try to make our way to the dover strait. If it was only for the wind we would sail long tacks from the coast of England to the coast of Belgium and back and we would probably be there already. This would be without the incredible density of maritime traffic, oil rigs, wind farms and fishermen operating in this area.
It is also to be noticed that the usual courtesy that is made to let the sailing vessels pass first does not apply here. Here there is too much business going on and we have to give way to everybody. We all hope for a change in the wind direction tonight that might push us through the straight.

Greetings from the wet but fast learning Tres Hombres crew.

Captain Remi Lavergne

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