PRESS RELEASE – Sailing cargo vessel Tres Hombres back in Brixham.


Again the world’s only sailing cargo vessel Tres Hombres is visiting the port of Brixham on it’s sixth trans-Atlantic journey. The flagship of the Fairtransport B.V. Shipping and Trading company sails cargo without the use of an engine, as a statement against the heavy polluting engine driven cargo sailing.

Before crossing the Atlantic to get cargo from Brasil and the Caribbean, the ship visits some European ports. In Brixham the ship will take in 5.400 bottles of Exeter Ale for the French port of Douarnenez, the next stop.
On this trip the hold of the ship is partially loaded with 20m3 of gymnastic devices. A part of these will be sailed to the Cape Verdian island Brava, and the rest is destined for a Brasilian girl named Samantha. (Click here to Read her story)

While entering Brixham a sail, painted by Dutch schoolchildren, will be set to attract attention for the so called Sail a Future-project.

As always the Tres Hombres can be visited during the daytime from about 10.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. Captain Arjen van der Veen, one of the three founding hombres (men) and his crew will gladly show the people of the Brixham area around and tell them about this unique selfbuilt ship and its mission.

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