Nordlys is on her way to Copenhagen with full cargo!

Date : Friday 16 September 2016
Position :15 nM South west of Ussant French Brittany
Speed & course : 4 kts to west
Wind speed & direction : North west 4 Beauforts
Sea state : Moderate, 1 m swell
Sky state : Cumulus 4/8

24 hours ago, we did cast off our moorings lines, the Port Rhu peer
Many people from Douarnenez was there to wish us good voyage
A local band was playing sea shanties with an accordion and other traditional instruments
I heard in town that Nordlys’ crew is now Douarnenez’ peoples
Every time we come to load or unload cargo we had warm welcomes
Such a beautiful city and enjoyable habitants
Thanks all of you

Marcus, Greyhound’s skipper did salute us with is cannon
With Lun II, it was 3 sailing cargo ships moored along side
FairTransport is growing, the Tres Hombres’ spirit is branching all around the World

For now, Nordlys is sailing full and by
We did sail out of the bay within 4 tacking
On my fellow ocean we are sailing, latter will enter the Channel, bounding for Denmark
The bow sprit in the water waves after waves
What a strong ship, 143 years old and still powerful
It’s amazing to see how she was well refitted by the Tortuga Team
With the cargo full, she is well balance and a little rope on the helm did steer all day long
2 reef in the main and 2 reef in the mizzen she beat up one and half meter waves at 4 knots

Have a nice week end and see you soon


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