Nordlys blog: Drifting around in the English Channel.

With about 4 Beaufort of wind we left the foggy Belgium shore behind and set out into the English channel.
To our delight the sky cleared and we where very happy to find out that the sun still existed and seemed to have heard about the fact that it was already June.
However with the sudden appearance of summery weather the wind slowly died down from four to three, to two, to none existent. While the grip files spoke of wind speeds of 5 bf, clouded sky’s and rain we where drifting around the English Channel in blazing sunshine and busied ourself with maintenance, watching purposes and dolphins, getting tanned and occasional swims.

After three days with the more or less total absence of wind and our sails flapping uselessly in some occasional see breezes, all our clamps and pins where shiny with oil there where various new rope mats on board and hardly any line, from the bucket ropes to the halyards and sheets could be found without a proper whipping. We also attempted to power the towing generator with one of the two bikes we brought from Den Helder, but needed more bike parts we wanted to get in the next harbour.

The weather forecasts seemingly realizing that they where about as accurate as a newspaper horoscope started to become more and more vague and mysterious about there forecasts, featuring quite a lot of maybes, occationals and regonallies. Mostly we where left with the conclusion that the only thing we could be sure about, was that the sun would rise in the east the next morning… probably.
After we passed the white cliffs of Dover three times a day, going back and forth with the current, had given names to each of the Dover Coast Guard employees on the radio and created a personal best of channel 16 we agreed on the fact that we had been in one place for too long.

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