Let yourself be inspired by captain Andreas Lackner

DATE:17-12-16   GMT: 1231 POS: 32 00 N, 15 15 W   COG:215   SOG:9

Time is flying along, like the spray of the breaking waves coming from starboard aft, lifting up the stern first, giving her a sweep which takes you 40 degrees off course and gently sets her back after a few seconds without a move on the wheel. Steering is not steering.
Better watch Lynxe’s helms piece which sets you off to another world for some reality transcending voyage through the jungle, into the air, over many beautifully shaped bodies, falling back into the sea, when the wave smashes over the mid deck…Thank you Lynx, your spirit is onboard.

Fresh Northerly winds blow us down south just as fast as our steel-made company at see. 70m fishing vessels bound for Cape Town with huge, merciless nets; big tankers with cheap flags bound for where the oil and the blood flows; 400m metal islands, loaded with containers full of crap, the crap you should buy and soon throw away again, to end up as plastic particles back in the sea.

When I see a ship like these coming in sight between the high waves while pulling on the inner jib sheet, all this goes through my head. Who makes the stuff, propped into the containers? Who orders to make it, far away from the production line? Who ships it over here, or to wherever some money is to buy more than you need? Who sails it here? Do they smell and see the sea at all in the air conditioned room behind the LCD screen? Who buys the shit in the end? You, ordering it at Amazon?
Is it not the case that our consume-power cannot be pleased ever, doesn’t matter how big they make these monsters? But still, they don’t make them to kill us or the world, they just want to meet the demand, while others try constantly to increase the demand in almost invisible steps, like new versions of the same phones and always slightly bigger cars which just use as much gas as the smaller ones. Hahaha, we are not so stupid, we know all this! I am sure we do…

I also know that people who read this are intelligent and alternative and have their heart at the right place and so on, but I beg you now, from the middle of the North Atlantic, be honest to yourself. See what you need and what you buy. Go cancel your order at the internet. Walk outside along the supermarket and drop into your vegetable shop with the friendly man behind the counter, refuse the sweet, unhealthy shit they offer you in the factory bakery and buy some Tres Hombres or Grenada chocolate if you have it close by. Check the second hand store for a notebook. What you do on it anyway? Writing emails, facebook and make an excel sheet once in a while, if you are a manager.

Help us to get our cargo hold full, not theirs!

In this moment I have to declare that the motivation of Fairtransport is not transport but the realization that more stuff does not mean a better life, at least not for everybody involved. Size matters, in this case also, so we decided to start, be and stay as small as possible, hopefully spreading a worldwide virus of small scale 100% sustainable shipping and trading. A virus which should slowly kill the big scale. Normal trading, what they call ‘fair’ currently, normal farming, which they call organic, and then normal shipping, which is shipping of luxury goods not naturally available at the place of arrival. Shipping of things you do not really need, like coffee, chocolate, olive oil, wine, rum….

If our business is already unnecessary, how useless is the big scale then? I think it makes you happier to live local with once in a while an exotic treat coming from a sail trader.

So this time after reading, please really save up your facebook-like but instead go out and make yourself and the world happier by acting in small scale and local and if you like us, help fill our cargo hold and the ones of Avontuur and Grayhound and many more to come.

Cheers from a rocky galley,

Captain and founder of Fairtransport Andreas Lackner

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