The story of Nordlys 2015/2016

The story of Nordlys 2015/2016


After her refit sailing cargo vessel Nordlys left in September 2015 for her maiden voyage. She soon showed us to be a very fast sailing ship. After a few days Nordlys was moored in Brixham.


The crew was able to caulk some planks while falling dry in port and a few days after they set sail again.


They sailed to Douarnenez to drop her first cargo off existing of Tres Hombres Rum. Brought from the Caribean to the Netherlands by sailing cargo vessel Tres Hombres and shipped from there to Douarnenez by Nordlys and her crew.


After being on anchor for a few days in Douarnenez Nordlys got hid by a fishing vessel. The aft of the ship was badly damaged and the ship was put on the slipway in Douarnez for repairs.


The cargo of Tres Hombres Rum was delivered safely in port.


After three months of working in Douarnenez Nordlys was ready to set sail back to the Netherlands again.


This time with a cargo of organic Cider on board to bring back to Den Helder, Netherlands.



Now (feb 2016) Nordlys is in drydock again to repair the last things of the recent collision and some other planned maintenance. In a few months she will set sail again to deliver cargo under sail between Canary Island, Portugal, England, France, Netherlands, Scotland, Scandinavia….


Nordlys refit 2016

Nordlys refit 2016

Nordlys is in Den Helder ., Netherlands again.

After a break of a few weeks Captain Lammert and his crew started the last part of the repairs and other maintenance of Nordlys again. 3 weeks ago Nordlys was pulled out of the water bij our friends of Teerenstra Shipwarf . The crew has been working hard ever since. Planks being replaced and the whole hull recaulked….  more picture will follow so stay tuned >> pictures  by M. Gutsch

Nordlys refit M. Gutsch jan 2016-9.jpgNordlys refit M. Gutsch jan 2016-11.jpgNordlys refit M. Gutsch jan 2016-1.jpgNordlys refit M. Gutsch jan 2016-10.jpgNordlys refit M. Gutsch jan 2016-12.jpgNordlys refit M. Gutsch jan 2016-2.jpgNordlys refit M. Gutsch jan 2016-3.jpgNordlys refit M. Gutsch jan 2016-4.jpgNordlys refit M. Gutsch jan 2016-6.jpgNordlys refit M. Gutsch jan 2016-5.jpgNordlys refit M. Gutsch jan 2016-7.jpgNordlys refit M. Gutsch jan 2016-8.jpgNordlys refit M. Gutsch jan 2016-9.jpgNordlys refit M. Gutsch jan 2016.jpg
pictures  by M. Gutsch

Van der Lem – Cider

Van der Lem – Cider

Van Der Lem

shipping cider from Douarnenez to Den Helder

Cider Bound for liqour store “Van der Lem”

Nordlys has shipped her first cargo to Den Helder. The cargo existing out of organic Cider from France arrived safely after a really swift passage from Douarnenez, France to Den Helder, Netherlands.

P1010116.JPGP1010115.JPGP1010118.JPGunloading cargo nordlys.jpgP1010123.JPGP1010129.JPGP1010125.JPGP1010130.JPGP1010131.JPGP1010132.JPGP1010135.JPGP1010134.JPGP1010136.JPGP1010137.JPGP1010139.JPGP1010140.JPGP1010141.JPGunloading cargo nordlys.jpgP1010142.JPGcidermelenig.jpgcider fermier.jpgnordlys 003.JPGnordlys 002.JPG
cider fairtransport

Cornouaille cider

This Cornouaille cider has a brilliant golden yellow colour, with fruity aromas of apples, peaches and honey.

The taste is balanced between a soft attack, a nice amplitude and a subtly bitter finish.

It is a cider of connoisseurs and goes wonderfully well with Breton food.
General Agricultural Competition – Paris:
Gold medal in 2004 and 2005
Bronze medal in 2006 and 2010.

Festival de Cornouaille – Quimper:
Gold medal in 2006
Silver medal in 2008 and 2009
Bronze medal in 2010

Concours de Fouesnant:
Gold medal in 2006
Silver medal in 2005 and 2009

Brut farm-produced cider

Brut and lighter than the PDO Cornouaille cider, this one is ideal for grills, pancakes (in France we prefer the term ‘crêpes’) or just for a refreshing break.

Concours de Fouesnant:

Bronze medal in 2005 & 2006
Gold medal in 2009

Received the gold trophy for the Breton Gastronomy in 2005

Ethical project of the Cidrerie Melenig

The Melenig cider factory’s goal is to support a sustainable business. We believe that the human being only blossoms by developing quality relationships with nature, with the older generations and with people around him today. Therefore, special care on these three areas is taken. Some of the actions needed to fulfill our goal are realized, and the remainder will be done in the medium-to-long term.

Connection to nature

Our cider factory is located in a region characterized by different natural and man-made landscapes: plateaux, hills, valley bottoms, orchards, wet meadows. To enhance and make durake this natural wealth, we are working on several aspects:

– Producing enough quality apples to ensure an independent supply for the cider factory,
– Limiting pollution: excluding chemical inputs (organic certification), processing the cider factory’s sewages and limiting the energy consumption (manual fruit collection, limitation of treatment with copper, bottle recycling),
– Increasing biodiversit: by protecting woodland areas and embankments and maintaining the orchards’ ground cover,
– Protecting the natural beauty of the landscape,
– Developing the human-nature relationship.

Nordlys arrival Den Helder

Nordlys arrival Den Helder

Yesterday evening Nordlys came home. After arriving early in the morning at Marsdiep, so close to home, Nordlys spend the day resting. And waiting. For a tugboat, waiting for the bridge to open, almost there.. and then finally, back at home port!

Nordlys arrival Den Helder 16 dec 2015 (C) Fairtransport - bridge1.jpegNordlys arrival Den Helder 16 dec 2015 (C) Fairtransport - back at Willemsoord .jpegNordlys arrival Den Helder 16 dec 2015 (C) Fairtransport - bridge.jpegNordlys arrival Den Helder 16 dec 2015 (C) Fairtransport - waiting for the bridge and hello between captains.jpegNordlys arrival Den Helder 16 dec 2015 (C) Fairtransport - waiting for the bridge.jpegNordlys arrival Den Helder 16 dec 2015 (C) Fairtransport - waiting for the bridge4.jpegNordlys arrival Den Helder 16 dec 2015 (C) Fairtransport - waiting for the bridge1.jpegNordlys arrival Den Helder 16 dec 2015 (C) Fairtransport - waiting for the bridge5.jpegNordlys arrival Den Helder 16 dec 2015 (C) Fairtransport.jpegNordlys arrival Den Helder 16 dec 2015 (C) Fairtransport1.jpegNordlys arrival Den Helder 16 dec 2015 (C) Fairtransport3.jpeg
Nordlys entering Brixham Dec 2015 – By Peter Hunt

Nordlys entering Brixham Dec 2015 – By Peter Hunt

European sailing

European sailing

Nordlys - Sailing Along!

Sailing all along Europe

Entire European sailing

Sign ion for a few months

passing by approx 14 ports from Scandivia all the way to Portugal.

7809 Nautical Miles
207 average days at sea /in port

Joining Nordlys on her sailing voyages around Europe is a great way to learn how to sail, navigate and create valuable friendships. An expiernce never to forget.

Change your life

Check this years sailing schedules for the dates, fees and booking nr.

Join today

Please be aware that places and dates can change due to weather circumstances or cargo requests!

Nordlys sailing schedule

Sign onFrom ToDistance NMFee EuroAverage days sea / portBooking nr.
June 18 2017Den Helder, NetherlandsDouarnenez, France531€ 935,-11p0217No Sign on
July 10 2017Douarnenez, FranceCopenhagen, Denmark1028€ 1.500,-20p0717No Sign on
July 30 2017Copenhagen, DenmarkBornholm, Denmark103€ 525,-7p0817No Sign on
August 6 2017Bornholm, DenmarkRostock, Germany125€ 600,-8p0917No Sign on
August 14 2017Rostock, GermanyDen Helder, Netherlands640€ 1.200,-16p1017No Sign on
July 10-August 30 2017Amsterdam, NetherlandsDen Helder, Netherlands1.896€ 3.315,-51Leg2 Sign on
August 30 2017Den Helder, NetherlandsPorto, Portugal988€ 1.575,-21p1117No Sign on
September 20 2017Porto, PortugalPenzance, UK591€ 975,-13p1217No Sign on
October 3 2017Penzance, UKDen Helder, Netherlands466€ 600,-8p1317No Sign on
August 30-October 12 2017Den Helder, NetherlandsDen Helder, Netherlands2.045€ 2.730,-42Leg 3 Sign on
May 28-October 12 2017Den Helder, NetherlandsDen Helder, Netherlands5.604€ 7.995,-166WV2017 Sign on

Grayhound saling schedule

Signing onFromToNautical milesFee (€)Average daysnr.
Sailing SouthMediterranean Odyssey
Oct. 31 2016Den Helder, NetherlandsBrixham, UK  - Douarnenez, Fr - Sines, Port - Alicante, Esp - Barcelona, Esp - Messina, It - Greek Islands, Greece - Kalamater, Greece 3.062€ 4,950,-71Leg 1 No Sign on
Sailing WestAdriatic Odyssey
January 10 2017Kalamater, GreeceSplit, Croa - Venice, It - Bari, It - Cagliari, It - Alicante, Esp - Sines, Port - Falmouth, UK - Den Helder, NL4.347€ 4,950,-71Leg 2 No Sign on
European Grand Tour
Oct. 31 2016Den Helder, NetherlandsBrixham, UK - Douarnenez, Fr - Sines, Port - Alicante, Esp - Barcelona, Esp - Messina, It - Greek Islands, Greece - Kalamater, Greece - Split, Croa - Venice, It - Bari, It - Cagliari, It - Alicante, Esp - Sines, Port - Falmouth, UK - Den Helder, NL7.409€ 7.950142EGT No Sign on

More info
Date of signing on
On this day we welcome you on board from 8 pm onwards. A crew member will introduce you to the captain, the first mate (who will receive your passport and possibly your sample book) and the other members of the crew. We shall assign you a bunk and chest (usually in the fo’c’sle). Linen and sleeping bag are best brought from home. Before departure you will be assigned to the port watch (under the supervision of the first mate) or the starboard watch Incidentally the ship has not arrived in the port of departure; we shall let you know as early as possible if this is the case.
As a rule the ship departs on the day after signing on. With “all hands” the sail is set and the ship is made ready for the sea. You will be informed which watch stays on deck, leaving the other watch free to take a nap. The captain chooses the fastest and safest route to its destination. The first and second mate will instruct the crew. You will be involved in every aspect of seamanship from the moment you arrive; safety training, steering the ship, keeping watch, maintenance, setting sail and lots more. Depended on the weather, the distance and the kind of trip, the ship will arrive at its destination after a couple of days or weeks. This doesn’t mean the trip is at its end; the days after arrival are filled with instructive and interesting activities. The ship is prepared for port, cargo is taken in and out, there is some maintenance that can only be done in a harbour and the opportunity presents itself to go on shore leave.

The route may be altered, depended on freight and weather.

Direct distance
This is the shortest possible distance between two harbors. The Tres Hombres being a true sailing ship without an engine, this distance is rarely the actual sailed distance. In other words, the ship usually sails many miles more than the direct distance. At the end of a leg of journey, the captain will inform you how many miles have been covered in reality.
This is the price in euros for said journey per person. In exchange you sail along and acquire a practical education in seamanship. In addition to the journey fee, we expect you to take part in watches and chores such as maintenance, sailing, cleaning, steering and being on the lookout. In the fee are included the ship’s meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner and coffee and tea. Not included are transfers to and from the ship.
Average journey/port stay
This is the estimated time at sea or in a harbor. The ship being dependent for the duration of her trips on weather and wind, this period may vary. If the ship arrives ahead of schedule at its destination, the days in port ahead of schedule are part of the journey.
Booking number
This number is a purely administrative number used for keeping score of persons on board.
Full Atlantic Roundtrip. If you are intent on becoming a true seaman and a taste of life as a seaman, this is your trip! During this 8 month journey you will acquire adequate time and experience as an able-bodied seaman.

Nordlys back into the water

Nordlys back into the water

Nordlys news

As you know Nordlys has been on the slipway in France for a few weeks now.

Wednesday hte 11th of Nov 2015 she has been put back into the water again. However still staying on the trailer to be sure she is not leaking any more.
There is still lots of work to be done while she will be moored in Douarnenez. But people are working hard to get Nordlys sailing north again within a month or so..
We’ll keep you posted about her progress.

Damage on Nordlys

The whole stern of Nordlys was badly damaged due a collition with a fishing trawler while Nordlys was at anchor in Douarnenez Read more here

The pictures shown under are detailed pictures of damage done  to the hul. The pictures of the real damage to be found here

Cauling needed
Caulking needed
damage nordlys
even the door got broken

Repairs on Nordlys

During the last weeks Nordlys has been repaired. Her stern was badly damaged and the poophouse (little building for the toilet at the aft of the ship) had to get major renovation. As you can see at the pictures below a lot has been repaired and refitted and Nordlys is starting to get back in shape again. Thanks to local carpenters , steelworkers, electricians and off course her own loyal crew. The same crew who has been working on her last refit in Den Helder are working hard to make her sea worthy again. A big thank you to them!

Crew Nordlys

Nordlys back into the water

An exiting moment. Nordlys goes back into the water again. She will stay a little while on the trailer to be sure she is afloat and not leaking. After that she will be moved to a quay to get some more repairs done above the waterline.

The tug assisting Nordlys while in the water

After a short stay on the trailer of the slipway Nordlys has been “sailing” a little bit together with a tug. The tug helped Nordlys to her current spot in the harbour of Douarnenez, France.

Coming soon.. Sail a future bags

Coming soon.. Sail a future bags

Coming Soon......

Sail A Future bags, filled with all sorts of fair goods..

Coming soon… Sail the future bags filled with amazing fair goods! Hetty van de Linden, from Paint a Future,  and her friends are working hard to get those beautiful bags done soon.

The bags are made from the sails painted by the children in the harbours Den Helder, Setubal, Brava and Boca Chica during the last trip of Tres Hombres.

More info will follow soon!

Sail A Future: Setbul,Portugal 2014 by Paulo Gloria

4 young talentfull dancers came to dance on a sail, sailed from Holland by the Tres Hombres
They danced the paint all over the sail, inspired by the dance of the hands of Tanner from South Africa.
The couloured surface was transformed into a wonderfull painting by two Dominican artists.

Last refit up-date of Nordlys

Last refit up-date of Nordlys

Last up-date Nordlys Refit






thank you DSC_0018.JPG








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