Feb. 12, 2023
- Logbook
Tres Hombres

Marie Galante (captain Anne-Flore Gannat)

On Marie Galante, we unloaded the empty barrels with our dinghy.

Then we visited the distillery ourselves. Now is the season to cut the sugar cane, and all the producers from the area arrive with big trailers. Each one is weighed and the sugar content is tested. Then the cane is crushed and a lot of juice is collected. The liquid is fermented with yeast and goes through the copper distillation column.
We were able to see the whole process.

Tuesday our barrels were waiting at the distillery to be filled and Wednesday they arrived full on the beach. Ready to be rolled into the water.

It was a great pleasure for the crew to follow all these steps. All hands were present and some tourists enjoyed seeing the loading in real life, as it used to work.
One of the couples took our cook Federico to go shopping.

A few days at anchor are enough to spread personals effects, and snorkelling equipment on deck and in the rigging but yesterday we dragged anchor for about 100m, so the deck has been cleared before the night for an eventual sailing improvisation. Squalls bring gusts and rain. Surprises to which we are attentively paying attention.  The ship gives signs that we have to move on, it is what we went do for our biggest pleasure. No time for shells and grass to grow on the hull. The routine at sea definitely sets an organization which many of us appreciate and ask for. Observing, and resting is rich and filling, surfing the swell is pushing, hoisting the sails is breezing, and steering is choosing. Different roles, and different missions that we try to define. The list is long, the lifetime is short. Loyal with the vessel by doing again, particles are continuously turning the vane. Support and transport in "finesse and allégresse ".
Now our minds are heading to the Dominican Republic where the Tres will catch the last cargo to completely fill the belly of the ship. The Tradewind is restless and blows our team towards the new trainees in the next harbour. A place where anchor watches don't exist anymore...

Now our thoughts turn to the Dominican Republic where the Tres will receive the final cargo to completely fill the belly of the ship.
The Tradewind is restless, blowing our team to the new trainees in the next port. A place where anchor guards no longer exist....



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