August 12, 2021
- Log
Tres Hombres

Fifteen months ago (by deckhand Hanjo van Weerden)

…I boarded the Tres Hombres as a trainee, without any knowledge of sailing.

I sailed along all summer, worked at the shipyard, then went to the Caribbean and now I am a deckhand. Things can get crazy.

In the age-old tradition of circumnavigation, from which the Hanseatic League also emerged, we sail through Skagerrak.
We sail where 700 years ago the cogs from Kampen, Zwolle, Hamburg, Bruges and beyond sailed. We bring wine to Copenhagen and Bornholm.
They got herring from Skanor, grain from Oostland, fur from Russia.
We have thirteen sails, they only had one. Unlike the time of Volcmar van Enesce and his ship the Brunte, neither a Lübeck wench cog nor slow weeks await us on the galleys, where we had to wait - perhaps in vain - for the herring.
Wine and amazed looks from the Copenhageners await us.

We are now considered crazy for sailing through Skagerrak without a motor, when there was no other choice. It was simply the only option. It is known that the Skagerrak can be quite noisy. The circumnavigation was not a journey that was undertaken lightly. However, I have been lucky so far. Last year it wasn't too bad, this year it's even quieter. Although in principle it is not necessarily fun to sail in heavy weather (no sleep, sea in your boots) and I already had a good storm on the Atlantic Ocean last November, I still feel a bit cheated that I do not have the experience the infamous noise of Skagerrak.

Oh well, we still have to go back of course...


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