Brigantes Blend No. 2 coffee BIO 500gr – 1000gr

Brigantes coffee is a certified organic coffee sail-transported by AVONTUUR & GALLANT, fire-roasted by Torrefazione Chelotti Caffè following a  genuine century-old tradition based on oak roasting and open-air cooling. Full traceability of the product from producer to the distributor. Of the 10,000.- Km that separate us from our producers, 9,000 are sailed without burning any heavy fuels, thus resulting in a true 90%  CO2 reduction! 

Poids: 1000gr, 500gr
Producteur: ASOPROCAFE Organico Sierra Neva
Origine: Chimila – Sierra Nevada, Columbia / Chiapas region, Mexico
Status: 100 % Organic 50 % Arabica 50 % Robusta
Transport: 2021, 3 months
Rôtissoire: Torrefazione Chelotti Caffè
Navire: Avontuur & Gallant
Voyage: Santa Marta-Amsterdam
Distance: 4.646 NM

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  • 100% organic (certified by Austria Biogarantie AT 301) 
  • 50% arabica (Colombia), 50% robusta (Mexico) FAIRLY PAID! 
  • 50% Colombia (ASOPRO / Chimila – Sierra  Nevada, 1000-1800 mt). Arabica Colombia. The farmers of the ASOPROCAFE Organico Sierra  Nevada belong to the indigenous population of the native Chimila people. Growing coffee is the most productive sector of local agriculture.  The coffee is uncomparable delicious and aromatic. 
  • 50% Mexico (ENSEMBLE / Chiapas region, 600 – 1800 mt) ENSEMBLE brings small families and collectives of the region Chiapas together. The parchments of the coffee bean stay on the seed after removing the outer shell by wet processing.  This creates coffee of higher quality. Farmers can sell it to higher prices on the market than they usually would get by dry processing. 
  • Sail-shipped (March-June 2021) by AVONTUUR &  GALLANT 
  • Fire-roasting and open cooling by Torrefazione Chelotti Caffè in Buggiano, Italy  
  • “Extremely spicy and floral on the nose, fine citrus notes on the palate, roasted hazelnuts on the finish”. 
  • Shell life: 18 months 
  • Processing: gathered by hand, washed, sundried, handpicked


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