March 10, 2023
- Log
Tres Hombres

Digital rehab on a traditional sailing freighter (Oliver Hunkler)

At the beginning of the journey, one of the most important missions for everyone was to stop using all types of digital devices
that many of us are surrounded by today, such as PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and televisions and the flow of information that comes with them.

Work related emails, personal messages, but also news from all over the world, mostly negative news about wars, political and economic tensions, news about climate change and its consequences, to name a few.

At some point the last day ashore I sent some final work emails and messages to family members and friends and then all my devices went OFF mode while I went ON board the Tres Hombres.

The crew of 15 other male and female sailors – professionals and trainees aged 18 and 68 from nine different countries within Europe
gave me a warm welcome feeling.

The last four weeks I have been busy with the daily activities on a sailing ship and also with anchoring and loading the cargo. Everything revolved around work
as a team, as command says: All hands on deck!
It was a great feeling to be able to work hard with my hands again despite swollen fingers and blisters.

The rewards were of course on a much higher scale: observing marine life, such as dolphins leaping around the ship or accompanying birds, enjoying the
changing wind direction through the sails and at the same time searching for fish in the water displaced by the ship.
Or the glowing plankton in the water during the night, the countless stars and the fiery shooting stars. All this is difficult to describe and put into words, rather it leaves behind tears of joy. One of the most beautiful moments was a 360° horizon of just the sea, the sky and the black lady with 15 souls in the middle – nothing else.

No, no distracting news and information from outside via electronic devices. Just be one with the crew, the ship and the wind! Mission accomplished!



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