December 31, 2022
- Log
Tres Hombres

Departure from La Palma (by captain Anne-Flore Gannat)

We left the harbor with the last Northerly wind of the day and once outside quickly Southerly wind came, so for the first time (for me), we went to the Atlantic ocean by the north of La Palma.

It is always tricky to leave this harbor because the wind often changes a little inside the breakwater from land to sea, so we have to wait for the right moment to take some distance from the pier. The swell announced was already getting 1.5 m at the corner and the breeze decreased. Not fun to be in the dinghy. We had to set as many sails as we could quickly. Bracing a couple of times and being patient.
Once the night came, the lightning joined the evening watch and disappeared with them at midnight. We turned around with the Easterlies and now the Tres Hombres and her inhabitants run to Martinique under a fair breeze. On the big blue ocean and the high swell, here we are happy as the fire of a volcano, with the feeling of belonging to the gigantic open space with shore friends and family on our shoulders whispering good wishes and support. A few weeks of sea apart two continents, let's be the link in between. As a nice welded crew we go to the other side…

Chaud sur ma tête, chaud sur me pieds. The horizon is still alive with the sable of Sahara là-bas. Souffle en trombe amiablement, on le veut, on l'embrasse. Dans nos voiles il pousse notre esquif sauvage à l'assaut de l'océan. The sont majeurs depuis long temps et si sage que l'on ne leur fait pas la grimace à ces masses dépendantes l'une des autres. Ce liquide infini, poussif, gigantesque déroule ces courbes insolemment. More than ever before submerging. La voile carrée la plus basse, écoutes mollie forme un balloon qui soulève l'étrave et soulage des frictions de l'eau. Sa foulée galopante, laisse l'écume fumante de part et d'autre. Ébloui par la lumière diffuse dans le nuage d'aérosols, la scene en noire et blanc montre ces plus belles nuances. Comme une chanson lointaine, je me souvient de la mélodie mais pas des paroles. You are more likely to be called upon to do so. Et là dans le mouvement de la route, dans l'humidité suave des embruns, le port s'efface. Les vagues des ferries, les autobus de touristes, les papiers à signer s'oubli derrière. Although the rest of the journey remains with us, the companions of the bridge do not have to wait for the quotidien.
Allon's ensemble, tonneaux de fond de cale qui je sent vivants alors que l'on vous ache pour le grand voyage. The first day of your brassé is fresh, with the free perfume of the rhum and the tan of the amarres that are present and the bananas vertes attrapés à l'escale. The petit optimist Papalagi, also the cargo is plein de fruits exotic. Regulate the appearance of the clothes before leaving the souffle without any care. You are looking for the milles couleurs du vent autour de nous, de tous les côtés des villes pour encore mieux les apprivoiser. Déjà nous alons bien et vite vers le pays des poissons volants, la surface du grand bleu brille et frize à la rise de l'alizé. Les geosses chaînes des ancres sont rangees sous le plancher de la cambuse et nous ne nous prendrons plus les pied dedans. In addition, the tranquility of the tintamarre allows you to become accustomed to what you are doing during the summer and the natural tapage of the season.

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