We have stood for climate-friendly transport since 2007!

Our mission

Our mission, our job and our stated goal is to minimize the CO2 footprint worldwide, increase awareness of sustainable transport and demonstrate that freight can be transported in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Our deeply held values also include continuously manifesting a sustainable lifeline of products and continually improving our impact on the environment.

Since 2007, we have been acting as a fair transport community with regional organizations and transporting organic products from fair producers to environmentally friendly and responsible consumers.

Our long-term, persistently pursued and implemented mission is to revitalize freight transportation, make a difference to our planet through every freight moved, build, inspire and collaborate a global movement, expanding the network of like-minded revolutionaries for clean shipping is growing and growing.

A beautiful planet

Our vision

What drives us is the vision of a balanced, healthy planet on which we humans live together socially, ecologically and economically responsibly, sustainably and justly and lead a lifestyle that fits these values.

Our movement connects exotic goods with regional coasts, luxury products with fair trade, honest producers with ethically conscious consumers, all without destroying or polluting the environment.

Wind and water are the natural elements that make our movement global and bring us together in a strong community around the world that is passionate about sustainability and fighting climate change.

A positive movement

With every step we take in our development, we anchor our values, reflect and optimize. We transport sustainable cargo across entire oceans in equally sustainable ways.
We act fairly and only sell organically grown, sailed products. We train young seafarers in environmentally friendly cargo sailing. We maintain and care for our historic, traditional sailing fleet. We are a community deeply connected in our values and passionate about creating and strengthening awareness of alternative transportation methods and clean shipping. With our sleeves rolled up and with all our hearts, we are committed to positive change in global freight transport.

At Fairtransport we are lovers of fair transport.

The history of Fairtransport

The three friends Jorne Langelaan, Arjen van der Veen and Andreas Lackner sailed together on the Dutch 3-mast barque Europa in 2000 and experienced the power and beauty of the imposing high sailing ships, driven only by the pure power of the wind. Inspired and full of energy, they founded the world's first environmentally friendly shipping company in the Netherlands. At that time it was still called “Stichting Atlantis Zeilende Handelsvaart”. Since then we've been like  organization has grown enormously and is now widely known under the name “Fairtransport”.

Pioneering clean freight transport

It quickly became clear that our passion developed into motivation & inspiration for alternative shipping and sustainable cargo sailing around the world.

Our environmentally conscious, wind-powered transportation company plays a key role in expanding and revolutionizing global freight transportation towards sailing.

Due to its history, implementation and constant development, fair transport has now become an important symbol with an exemplary character to demonstrate the existing possibilities. The Tres Hombres is an ambassador for global sailing freight transport.

The knowledge gained through shipping and experience over the years has created an invaluable database of expertise.

At Fairtransport we are proud to act as an agent for freight brokerage, trainee bookings, regional service services, customs and immigration obligations and general administrative processes worldwide.

When maintaining our fleet, we work together with an international network of sailors, carpenters, riggers and shipbuilders who professionally support us as specialists in traditionally learned craftsmanship. In this way, a lot of extremely valuable experience and skills in traditional shipbuilding, in the construction and operation of ships come together.

We are proud of our sustainable partners

We have strong partners on the freight side,
who are willing to fill our cargo holds with goods via their network,
as the demand for clean transport of sustainable products
far exceeds the currently available loading capacities.

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