April 8, 2021
- Log
Tres Hombres

Vulkane und Graffiti (By David Schynoll)

24 Days after seeing, then the end of the day “Land in Sight”.

It is important to have a brighter streak, which can be seen from the horizon. With the first dawn of the morning, the “middle group” of the Azores will always be more deutlicher for us.
In and of itself, these are striking features of the steep landscape with more emporiums, pics from the clouds and we will continue our journey on our way to the harbor.
Begleitet von eeninigen Delfinen segeln wir mit nur drei gesetzten Segeln, wie in Zeitlupe, zwischen of the impressive Kulisse of Vulkaninseln hindurch and were in harbors safe from single Schleppbooten in Empfang taken and brought to a private liegeplatz. Leinen fest und sofort die first Schritte an Land. Dann aber doch lieber wieder zurück an Deck, das Schaukeln des Schiffs fühlt sich vertrauter an.
You will spend your time with the captain during your meal with some tasty snacks and a bottle of rum.

New days will be spent in the Azores, because we will have a good time and enjoy the wind, so that we can continue to move towards Europe. Neun Tage hier am Rande der Zivilisation, auf diesem kleineen Vorposten Europas mitten im großen weiten Blau. Die Mischung aus geütlichem portugiesischen Lebensgefühl, paired with the open, friendly atmosphere in a Hafenstadt, machen unseren afenthalt in Horta, of approximately 7500 Einwohner small Hauptstadt Faials for a whole experience. They spend a lot of time here with large and small amounts of money on their atlantiküberquerungen Halt.
Those who cover the entire harbor with Graffiti (Graffito), which have traditionally been treated as seglerns, sow davon. These photos, flags and souvenirs, including those pictures of the harbors, preserve the history of the island and travel with special flair.

Neben einen Reperaturen und Instandhaltungsarbeiten, die am Schiff zu tuen, haben wir nuug Zeit, die Insel zu erkunden. The good contacts of the screwdriver will allow you to enjoy the perfect results with your own tolls. Particularly impactful, they fell Crater, which was the source of live volcanic activities. Eine mondähnliche, karge Landschaft rund um the youngest Ausbruchsgebiet. And a view of the lost world over a long period of time, the edge of the 500m depths and 2km stretch of main crater. The still and mystical lies of the green, such as large parts of endemics (now found here) Pflanzen- und Tierarten besiedelte Krater for us. Once you have a group photo, you will see more information about the Picnic Square. Here on the North West Coast you can enjoy the entire Island for a Picnic and Barbecue. We can enjoy our meal with a Gin Tonic in the nearby Segler-Bar “Peter's Cafe” in our area.

An exciting week and a wonderful experience during the holidays with two new crew members on a board with a view and a pleasure under the wink of a holiday that will be special in the near future. Nächstes Ziel: Amsterdam. Ankunftszeit: unknown. We now know that the wind and the weather are strong and that we are able to make the best of both.


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