December 24, 2019
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Tres Hombres Christmas Greetings 2019

Q: Whats this?
A: Everybody who is on board now wrote a few sentences (or a paragraph) with Christmas
Greetings in their local dialect


Grias eink Servas and meine Leid und Hawara dahuam z Weinberg und
in Graz. Mir san grod am Weyg owi z di Kap Verdischen Inseln und
daun biang ma mol rechts o und foan umi aufd aundare Seidn vad
Woeld und schaun wos durt sou lous is. d Nocht is do heraust sou
klor dassd zuaschaun kaust wia die Planetn hintam Horizount
vaschwindn und togsiwa trog i nur die Bodehousn. Ziang tuats mehr
ols wia in Wien, und zeitweis losn si boa Viecha auschaun wie
fliagende Fisch, Schuedkroetn und Doefin. Kernoel houms do kans,
sist bast owa ois. Froue Weihnochtn und a guads Neigs, gfrei mi
scho wieder auf an guadn Zwiefueroustbrodn und a Xoechts.

Hawider und Pfiat eink Gouttschei, Sascha


Askim!Burada her sey cok guzel!Once ruzgar yok ama simdi bir cok
iyi ruzgar var!Gidiyoruz daha hizli! Seni seviyorum ve cok
Dorogiye moyi! U menya vse prekrasno!Obnimayu vas!Vseh vas s
nastupayushimi prazdnikami i vypejte tam za teh, kto v more 🙂

P.S.Mishka, peredai moej mame bolshoi okeanskij privet pls!


Krekwakwou, my third sailing n kaertje not around t'ailand
maer around the ocean. I don't know Zeeland and I don't like fish, so I'll just
In Dutch: Aan de mensen boven het dal, in Alkmaar, in Paterswolde en waar waar dan ook: fijne kerstdagen vanaf de oceaan. Especially for Suzanpan, these are special times!


O Natal esta a porta embora seja dificil de acreditar. Tres Hombres
esta neste momento a caminho de Cabo Verde, onde os bons ventos
comecam.Por aqui diz-se: segue Sul ate a manteiga derreter, vira a
Oeste e sempre em frente! Exprerienciamos agora uma forma
totalmente diferente de velejar, muitos mais calma e previsivel. Os
nossos dias repartem-se entre trabalhos de manutencao, reparacao de
cordas, madeiras, velas; bem como em licoes de previsao do tempo,
leitura das estrelas ou ensaios e estrategias de accao para casos
de emergencia. Estamos todos bem a bordo, gratos pelos raios de sol
e pelo mar amigo. Comeco ja a apensar na nossa ceia de Natal
debaixo das estrelas. Ainda nao tenho o menu completo mas com
certeza o bacalhau e o arroz doce nao vai faltar! Mando um abraco
para toda a minha famila e desejo a todos em terra, e no mar, Boas

Festas e Boas Entradas! Ate ja xxx Soraia.


Between deck scrubbing, and with my hand on the rudder and my
gaze on the bilge, nothing but the occasional bit of seawater
nothing spills out of the scuppers here. Mom, Dad, fine kesfees in Utereg! lots of
fun in the east, and I wish you a pleasant time in the
dark days in the Netherlands! SLvd, I wish you lots of self-love,
few worries, and lots of hugs! JMEAZ! Buddi, against all
expectations, I can still wish you a happy birthday!
wishes! (Who knows, on time too!) And have fun at your
defense! For the trinity: everything under control on this
side of the world, are you doing your end? And for those at the
VU: don't worry, we have peanut butter, and even heard rumors there
are chocolate sprinkles as well... (: I wish you cozy and
inspiring times for these dark days and the new year!

Love, Jaap


Dear family, from a sunny ocean a message for the cold
Netherlands. here it is weather for sunglasses and shorts.
pants. i hope you are having nice days! we are now after a
several quiet days a nice speed and are running nicely on schedule. The
The routine of an ocean crossing has become a part of most
most people and the seasickness is finally over with everyone.

Greetings Paul.


Happy top 2000 and Princess Sissy wishes. There is a piece of pig on
to you - please share!
Love, Laura


Dear people I miss - An image occasionally flashes through my
head of a softly lit living room in Belgium or Groningen,
where you sit together, with the cold, dark
December air. I am now in a different part of the world, in a
different time zone, in a different climate. It feels like a parallel
universe, I half-expect that it will still be November
will be when I return, as if I have stepped out of time for a moment.
The last few days here have been exactly as one imagines "taking a
sailboat to the Caribbean" imagines: sunny, with blue skies and
bulging sails, lots of stars, orange-red sunrises and
dolphins. I would be very happy to see you for a while at
Christmas. Just to sit down and hear your comments about
how tan and blonde I have become and to proudly show off the calluses on my
hands. But I am sailing on for a while. Make it
a beautiful Christmas. I am thinking of you. Lots of love, Anna.


Ja beste Jruesse annet Jladbach, det Rheinland sowie Bremen und
Umzu! Hier is allet juut, mer mache Heilichavond op see! Kein Baum,
Kekse oder sowat, dafuer Sonne satt! Jesundheit und Frohsinn an
alle dies brauchen. Sehmer uns halt im naechsten Jahr.


Schoeni Wiehnacht und aes guets noeis aune wo i dr Schwiz das laese
(Gopferdeli isch das schwirig, uf aere hollaendische Taschtatur
baernduetsch z schribe!). Ues geits guet hie uf aem Atlantik.



13 sails, 15 people, a warm, rocking ocean and the sun, the
moon and the stars. What an erVAARing (haha) to celebrate Christmas and New Year in
celebrate this way... To all my wonderful friends and family
in NineDust and relatively far beyond: you are missed!

Celebrate them well! Much love, Eva


Liebe Familie Babucke, Hütter, Salzbrenner, Stammberger und meine
Freunde, ich wünsche euch allen eine frohe und erholsame
Weihnachtszeit! Lasst euch nicht von zu hohen Erwartungen stressen
und genießt das leckere Essen. Es ist spannend wie sich die Wünsche
auf See ändern. Im Moment wünsche ich mir einen neuen
Kugelschreiber und eine Dusche. Ich hoffe eure Wünsche gehen in
Erfüllung. [Die Gegenwart ist das größte Geschenk!] Ich freue
mich schon darauf mit unserer Köchin das mehrgängige
Weihnachtsessen zuzubereiten. Denn wir lassen es uns nartürlich auch
gut gehen. Ich wünsche euch allen, dass ihr schöne und
besinnliche Momente erlebt und einfach zur Ruhe kommt. Ich denke
das ist das was man an Weihnachten braucht. In Glaube, Liebe und

euer Karsten


'Tis Christmas again, for me tees year no fuss. The infinity
Of the ocean puts everything in a different perspective. What are we
doing? To everyone from the Lense Crew, I look forward
enjoy, have fun, have fun. In one piece I hope to return to
my roots and then we're gonna give it a good whack...
Hold Fast... The Danish


Celebrate Christmas Day as if a hundred men were standing around a lamb in the ground
stand. I have to miss it, but so do you. Celebrate it together!


Happy Crimbo Meg & George X.


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